How a Vada Pav turned into Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bites

Some things happen unplanned. I had been browsing when I chanced upon this recipe for baked vada pav. Now vada pavs and me have a long history.

A funny history given that I have never eaten one. I’ve had the aloo bonda that is the stuffing. But never the complete vada pav. I’ve seen in plenty of places here, it have never ended up picking it up. Probably, because the thought of eating completely fried things suddenly invokes that health conscious me. Who, by the way disappears very quickly when I chance upon fried things like chips or murrukus. The fact remains that I’ve always found a reason to not try it out. It was too early in that airport cafe, or I did not want to pile on more weight just before a sea-side trip, or it did not look filling enough for lunch. You know, the works.

And yet, it has never stopped me from craving for it. So when I saw this recipe, I had to try it. It seemed perfect. So I took the basic bread roll recipe from here and started off. I had planned to make a small batch, but scaling down ingredients seemed more tricky than making the whole bread. So I set off. It was late by the time the bread was ready to go into the oven. I made two sample vada pavs and popped the rest of the dough into the refrigerator.

The vada pavs turned out well. My domestic help loved it too. I did not take any pictures though. I still had loads of dough. My initial plan was to make more vada pavs, but somehow, the plan changed. I did not feel too excited about making loads of vada-pavs.

I had made this cinnamon-sugar pull apart bread when Swaram came over. I had some pictures somewhere, but I feel too lazy to go dig them up. It was a trial and did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to. So I wanted to give it another shot.

By the time I could carve out time to get down to it, it was already late. Feeling rather lazy(I can see laziness becoming a theme for me these days), I decided to try something easier. Instead of rolling out the dough, I made little balls, rolled it in a light brown sugar and cinnamon mixture and placed it in a loaf pan. Like this. I dotted it with some butter – just because.


Popped it into the oven, when it had risen to double, it took about 20 minutes. And this is how it turned out. Soft fluffy bites of bread covered in a light coating of cinnamon sugar. Yum! And tasted just perfect for our tastes. Not too sweet, and perfect with that cup of coffee 🙂

35 thoughts on “How a Vada Pav turned into Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bites

  1. wow!!! Drool!!!

    You know I have been itching to bake a bread but am scared on two accounts.

    a- where to find the PERFECT yeast
    b – I need time & concentration or this which I am unable to find 😦

  2. What an interesting story! And those buns look super yummy!:) Drool drool drool!
    I have tried a couple of times to make bread, but my dough never rises. I think I don’t know how to use the yeast correctly. 😦

  3. Can you please start some Blog Baking sessions? I know you guys take all the efforts of sharing recipes and pictures and other notes wherever possible but when I get down to baking there are still so many unanswered doubts. I always do better with some expertise help 🙂

  4. I think firts thing in the morning, I am going to drive 20 miles to a famous chaat place here to gorge upon Vada Pav 🙄

    I should have just done that! And I have a vada pav place not too far from where we live too!

    Somehow I hate the taste of cinnamon powder they use here for all the baked stuff. I use only the whole stick to make normal stuffs.

    You do? I love that smell of cinnamon in baked stuff!

    Btw do you like Apple Cider? I just tried my hand at making it and it turned out awesome. I never knew it was so easy to make it 🙂

    Really? Please, please share the recipe! And where are your feet? How do you manage to do so much!

    • am mailing the recipe to you right now. I don’t have much time for doing too many things but cooking has always been therapeutic and it’s an added bonus that I have two people who can gobble up anything I dish out 😛

    • That happens with me too! I land up on some food blog, and I have to give it a try because it looks so yum! Of course, when I try it, things don’t always turn out that yum 🙂

  5. Looks yummy and prefect bread. I have tried many times to bake a perfect bun or bread. I always don’t get the colour of the bread how you got it, the light and shinning brown top. Maybe i am doing something wrong,if i bake more to get that colour my bread becomes a rusk.

  6. Slurrrrrrrrrrrppppppp! That looks so yummm…baked vada pav…I cant imagine honestly…I like mine dripping with oil inside the dry pav with a dash of green chutney, spicy garlic powder and sweet imli chutney…

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