Now I can’t leave India..

…without having the thing that Hitchy claims is the ‘almost national food of India’?


So Vada pav has been had:) Thanks Hitchy for shaming me into having it:) It was well worth it. And I resisted the ‘grilled vada pav’ and had the real thing 🙂 Am so proud of me 🙂 I just wish I had the same will-power when it comes to exercising 🙂

40 thoughts on “Now I can’t leave India..

  1. Better late then never had it before leaving India..proud of you. I used to eat vada pav a lot when i was in Oman and i was pregnant. I used to eat almost every day for dinner.

    • Wow! I used to pig out on Dosas and Nandos! I could have humungous quantities of both, much to husband’s amusement – he had never seen me eat so much before 🙂

  2. Never been a fav of Vada Pav!!! Give me Aloo Bonda any day!!!

    Angry Psst…Thats was a very misleading title!!! I was happy for you when I read that 😛

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