Invisible Eyes, flowers and breaks… Post 25

Daughter believes that I have eyes at the back of my head.

And I am not really complaining. One time, she was up to something naughty, and I figured something was up, and told her to stop it. She was stunned, and wanted to know how I knew. I told her I had eyes behind my head, and she believed it.

So these days whenever she wants to surprise me, she says, ‘Amma, close your eyes, the ones at the back of your head as well’. Those eyes, I have to say certainly come handy when she is on a term break. There are only so many places that I can be at a moment, but my imaginery eyes do ensure that she is not upto to many naughty things.

Talking of term breaks, I feel like we live from one term break to another. Just when we get back to the school routine, it is time for another break. It is all fine if we are on a sunny spell, but if we have the sort of weather we have these days, thundery showers which come on a moment’s notice, drenching us completely. Parks and outdoor activities are almost ruled out. That leaves playdates, or other activities to keep her occupied. We do have plans to do some gardening this week, though. We had planted some sunflowers and marigolds some time back. The marigolds have sprouted beautifully, but the sunflowers seem to have disappeared. So this time, I plan to plant them indoors and the transplant them into the garden once they sprout. Fingers crossed they will grow, daughter desperately wants some sunflowers in our garden, and we are yet to get them to grow. Any sunflower growing tips?

I love the colours all around at this time of the year. Flowers of all sorts, greenery all around, delicious summer fruits. What more could I ask for? Bright sunny days for the next week, would be welcome though. Such a change from spring break when it felt that summer was here already.

On a totally different note, did I mention that I am just not reading much these days. I seem to get no time to read. The book I am reading now, ‘The Wealth and Poverty of Nations’ is a fascinating read. I can’t just put it down. Any interesting books that you have been reading?

15 thoughts on “Invisible Eyes, flowers and breaks… Post 25

  1. Mommy is watching yayyyy…
    Weather has been bad I hope.the weekend changes though they say rain tomorrow.
    And oh yes poohi has a week off next week ….. I would love to be a teacher so many days off.
    Have agreat weekend and happy holidays…..
    Holidays are good for me less traffic on road…..:-)

    • The weather has been horrible, hasn’t it? You want to be a teacher? I don’t – not after I know how much patience it takes. I would go crazy. Plus, I can’t think of a job without a laptop/computer in front of me.

  2. I hv been reading Rani and it is totally engrossing too, though I find very very less time for reading of late 😦

    Err we really need to be careful with u Smithu, with that extra pair of eyes 😉 Do u hv a 3rd eye like Lord Shiva too, by any chance 😛

  3. Hehe.. I have eyes all around my head.. Very handy 🙂
    Ya weather is crap these days.. Seems like spring was it.. No more sunshine. But am being hopeful of some bright days n making the best of indoors time 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. haa haa..dont every mom actually need lots of invisible eye 🙂
    I m reading ” Love on the rocks” by Ismita Tandon Dhankher …reading lot of indian author books these days and surprisingly liking most of them 🙂

  5. LOL, Oh yes those eyes at the back of the head do come in handy many times in my house too 😀

    I could so visualize your description of greenery all around, flowers of all kinds and gorging on summer fruits…how wonderful!

    Pity though that here we hardly get to enjoy all that at this time of the year :(. We have a small grass patio and Namnam and I have been planning to water the whole place since y’day, but guess what, not only was the tap-water boiling hot but it was also so so terribly sunny outside that we could hardly step out. So you get an idea how terrible the summer is here, na. And we have the whole of june to go 😦

    Thank God for mangoes and watermelons!!Theres something to feel pleased about summer after all 😀

    You and kunju, have a great time gardening this week 🙂

  6. That was heartwarming.
    Children often say the cutest things.

    I too have been a victim of remote surveillance.
    My wife doesn’t need eyes or ears to know what goes on in her absence when I raid the kitchen looking for the hidden goodies that the doctor has prohibited for me.

    I leave tell tale evidence (spills, semi closed lids, misplaced containers etc)

    Keep writing.

  7. And yes, I too don’t get too much time to read books these days. Reading some excellent blogs and participating in the discussions keeps me pleasantly and gainfully occupied.

    But I do keep a book of quotations, or a joke book or an old copy of Reader’s Digest in my car. Waiting at traffic signals is less painful when you have something to read that takes just a minute or two. Those fillers in between pages in Rider’s Digest are ideal to read while waiting for the light to turn green. Sometimes I get so absorbed while reading at the wheel that I hardly hear the honk from the driver behind me!

  8. over here sunflowers grow in my parents’ garden quite easily. i guess its the difference in climate. why dont u grow to sapling inside with controlled sunlight and warm temperature and then transfer outside?

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