Wordless Wednesday -16

You know that Christmas is here, when shop windows look like this!

The blurred feel is because the pictures are window dressing in shops.

And best of all, when daughter brings this home for you 🙂

37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday -16

    • Yes she did! And they also made a wonderful calender – but I am sure the teachers helped a lot to get the calender done! I love the way the get the children to make stuff at school!

        • Will do. The thought behind the calender is really cute.

          As for Christmas – it is the biggest festival here, so it does get a lot of attention, just as Diwali gets all the attention in India.

  1. I love Poohi’s card! I miss using that glitter you know. Most of us totally give up art and craft work once we grow. I am glad I get to see her work and connect with my memories again 🙂

  2. That card is precious!! Like you, even I love schools that involve plenty craft projects… there’s so much imagination in kids.

    and all those window dressings in shops… it looks like a mini fairy land!! 😀

    I love miniatures, Smithu!! Beautiful!

    • Almost all the schools here do this, Crafty. It is wonderful how they encourage creativity. She comes home and tries to replicate all that she learnt at school. It is wonderful to watch!

      You love miniatures? I know what to get you next time then 🙂 I love miniatures too 🙂 I have a collection of houses – miniature ones and they are so so cute!

  3. Awww,thats the prettiest card christmas card! Ummas to Poohikutty! Smits, whenever she decides to make one for me & Namnam please tell her to sign her name with an ‘X’:):)

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