Thursday Challenge – Food

All through my childhood, I recall my parents having potted plants or a garden where it was possible.

I grew up in a colony, well, it was more of a township, and we moved houses several times. Basically, as you get promoted, you become eligible for bigger/better houses. And in every house/flat we lived, my mother would work her magic and have lovely plants. Painstakingly watering them and pruning them. Some of it was rubbed off on me, although I am nowhere close to her. How I long to live in a place long enough to have a little kitchen garden of my own. All I have now is a bunch of post.

There was one house where we stayed for quite a long while, because it was very close to school. It had a garden with two mango trees, and two guava trees. The mangoes were the tastiest ever and in such abundance too. We used to get them plucked, and would distribute them in bags to all our neighbours and friends – and we has quite a few of them, and yet would have loads left for us, I think those mangoes were the best I have ever tasted. My dad added some banana trees to the garden, and mom added a lot of plants.

When they finally retired and settled down in Kerala, they had more space that they ever had to plant. Within a year, they transformed the place with a kitchen garden as well as all sorts of flowering plants. Now they grow so many fruits and vegetables, that they rarely buy vegetables. I think onions and potatoes are the only things that they need to buy.

When I saw this week’s Thursday Challenge((Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…), I had to post the pics of some home-grown veggies from my parents garden!





39 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Food

  1. Every vegetable looks so fresh! We can never dream of seeing them here, in the city, Smitha! They must be enjoying their garden work. It is nice to see the fruit of our work within days!

    Oh they do enjoy it! Most the of the time, there are so many veggies – enough to distribute to all our relatives and neighbours 🙂 And yes, they are fresh, organic, no pesticides – what more can we ask for?

    I maintained a kitchen garden when I was in Hosur. I used to send the children to school and then spend time in the garden. I was doing most of the work. I was young too, at that time! Enjoyed those days!

    I love your memories of Hosur! You seem to have lots of happy memories from your time there. I would love to see a pic of your kitchen garden at Hosur.

  2. We didn’t have the habit of taking photos in those days, Smitha! I should have done that! I grew potatoes, peas, mooli, carrots, beans, brinjal, bendi, etc. and was distributing in our colony.

    Wow! You must miss it so much!

    Here, in Chennai, though we have got some land but the soil is not very good. So, the dream of gardening has not fulfilled here, Smitha.

    I can imagine. My parents are enjoying it so much! Thankfully the soil is very fertile as well.

  3. awwww awesome I also sat and debated in mind to post some pictures of my old kitchen yard or some food but those pics make me so depressed these days I wanna go back when I look at them 😦

    • You had a lovely garden too, didn’t you? I can imagine how much you must miss it. After all the effort you must have put in…

      I am waiting to get back to Bangalore and live in FH to fulfill my yearning for a garden of my own!

  4. Nothing like fresh home-grown veggies !
    The cabbage looks yummy ! 2nd and 4th pics are what veggies? While i was growing up,we had a garden at home too.. but ma was a fan of flowers,so we had roses in all colours.

    • The 2nd is a sort of very spicy chilli. And the 4th is a pumpkin.

      My mom has flowers too. Loads of roses, dahlias, and all sorts of other flowers. Will post them sometime.

    • The greens are lovely, aren’t they? My parents live in a very green place 🙂 The weather is very conducive and the soil is fertile – and my parents love it 🙂 So it all works out, I guess 🙂

    • That is one of the things I hate about living in flats.. Some flats here don’t even have balconies – so it gets very difficult to have even potted plants.. I used to keep them on window ledges 🙂

  5. Farming is a good way to kill time, I guess ! My parents have a kitchen garden too, not this huge though ! Your parents have done a great job, convey this to them, will ya ?

  6. Mangoes and Guavas in your garden! You are making me so jealous. Loved your veggie garden pics and I see lots of chillies :))

    Yes, I realised after posting that I posted 2 different types of chillies 🙂

    Btw…All I have now is a bunch of post…??
    I thin onions and potatoes are the only things that they need to buy…..

  7. Smiths, our childhood days are soooo similar. We used to move houses on promotions too and that life with sooo many friends around and lotz of space to run around like the whole locality was ours – no house, however bigger or posh has ever been able to beat that 🙂

    I know! We had so many friends to play with too 🙂 And what fun it was! Same pinch 🙂

    I luvvvved the pics of those fresh veggies. My in-laws have a huge veg. garden too and that was where I first wanted to post pics from, but did not get them in time 😦 😦 I fulfilled my wish by seeing urs now 🙂 🙂

    You have told me about their garden 🙂 Would love to see the pics some time. You should post them some other time 🙂

    Lovely pics Smiths 🙂

    Thanks dearie 🙂

  8. I remember a time in my childhood when my grandfather planted 4 banana trees in our backyard, and the kiddo and me were truly loyal to ours trees, watering and tending to it sometimes spoiling it rotten with our care.. but the bananas when it came out were the tastiest ever…. all that effort for all those months, and we the proud parents 🙂

  9. Having stayed in a township I could connect to the initial part of your post in fact always I keep remembering those days. In This big house in Gorakhpur we had a proper kitchen garden and the best part was when we used to eat salad of veggies freshly plucked out from the garden, ah what fun!!

    And those veggies in the pics look so so fresh.

  10. Your parents have a vegetable garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okie, I wanna be their neighbour too! You know, in Munnar, my aunt grows lemons, beans and tomatoes, and they taste better than any other veggies bought from anywhere!

    I am sentimental about home-grown vegs! 😥 😥


    My mom is very fond of plants too… and all she has is two rusted grill areas 😐 Would love for her to have a small backyard garden!

    Hugs to your parents, you’ll distributed those mangoes too! *more reasons to be neighbours*

  11. Beautiful pics! The veggies look SO fresh and green. 🙂
    I always admire people with green fingers, and thankfully the better half is one. I doubt I can work the same wonders with plants; I do enjoy helping the hubby out while he’s gardening, and I love watching the plants. 🙂

  12. beatuiful fresh foood.. reminds me of home in chandigarh , i think this gardening thing i got from my dad, he was always doing something or the other … had his little kitchen garden.. with so many vegetables and salad’s …

    Makes me want to go home now, god knows who is taking care of all that makes me nostalgic.

    nice one

  13. I never experienced a lot of space and greenery while growing up. Bombay doesn’t have much to offer in that regard. Seeing your pics make me realise what I missed 😦

    The veggies look so fresh! Eating your own home grown food has a different joy to it 🙂 Your parents have a wonderful garden.

  14. Beautiful garden ur parents has go so much patience to maintain a garden.

    My mom was like that when had a villa and a garden surrounding the house.She used to put even ginger and garlic in the garden,now she misses all that but she stills maintains a small garden on terrace….

  15. Wow! Everything looks so fresh and lovely. My in-laws have pretty much done the same thing after retiring and settling down. During our last visit my MIL was telling us that they rarely need to go to the market to buy veggies. The best part they look and feel so much younger and healthier now! I’d love to have a kitchen garden someday too….no time now 😦

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