Day 27: All about the Tum!

Today has been all about the tummy. So much so that it has been calling out for a respite since mid-afternoon.

The plan for today had been a ‘fun-day’ for Daughter. She had a fun day owed to her, which is another post all for itself (in the drafts at the moment, whether it will see the light of the day or not, is another story :)).

She wanted to go to Cadbury World. Somehow we had heard some not so great reviews of the place so it never figured in our list of things to do despite living under an hour drive from it. Since Daughter was fixated on going there for her ‘fun day’, we decided to go there today. The plan was that we would reach there as soon as it opens (10 ish), take the tour (we read it takes around 2-3 hours) and then have lunch somewhere outside. A pub lunch was on our mind. 

You might have noticed that there was no mention of tickets. We just assumed that we could book it on the way. I could book it in the phone while Husband drove. We had a really heavy breakfast of dosas and all we needed to do was get ready, when Husband decided to book the tickets. Only to realise that it was completely sold out until 3:15, which left very little time to see the whole place. Disappointed we decided that it made sense to shelve the plans for another day (when we do book tickets in advance).

What do we do now? Daughter just wanted to be at home. We wanted to step out at least for a drive. Finally it was decided to go to a retail park since I’d started to have second thoughts about my Christmas party outfit. Also I needed shoes to go with it (or anything else I might pick up instead). Daughter finally agreed to come when we promised her a browse in the Wh Smith there. The amount of times we go into Wh Smith to look at books! We try to avoid buying books from there given that Amazon is half the price most of the time, but nothing gives daughter more happiness than browsing the book shelves there. So I give in, at the risk of being book stalker!

So we went shopping, found nothing. Daughter found lots of books she wanted but we managed to persuade her to wait for the Amazon delivery. At this time, I’ve got to mention that there was the tantalising smell of caramelised onions emanating from the hot dog stalls. That smell is enough to get me salivating. 

Even the tummy, full after a heavy breakfast was soon rumbling with hunger. Our feet just took us to our favourite restaurant. 

And we ate. Creamy Mushrooms, Bruschetta, three different types of Pasta along with a side order of onion rings (husband’s favourite), all washed down with mojitos and orange juice for Daughter. We are so much that our tummies gave up after a bit; we had to give up after a bit and get the leftovers packed.

Sated, we could have all settle down for a nap, however, Costco was nearby and we couldn’t leave without a cursory trip there. We landed there only to realise that neither of us had remembered to bring our membership cards. That was easily rectified and soon we were in mass shopping madness. Christmassy stuff, books, food! Of you remember we hadn’t any space for dessert at lunch. Costco has a concept of samplers. Daughter loves tasting the samplers. They clearly knew we didn’t have dessert coz we got offered chocolate crepes and Lindt chocolates for sampling. Why would they waste such delicious food as samplers is beyond me. Surely people don’t need to be told that these are delicious!

Any way, we piled some more food into our bellies and plodded on. There is one benefit of being too stuffed is that we don’t pick up junk. We didn’t get tempted to pick up any unnecessary food that we might have otherwise. We did a spot of Christmas shopping, Daughter got a book (£7.5 cheaper than at Wh Smith) and that was it. 

It was 5:30 by the time we go home but our tummies still felt too full for its own good. Husband and I had to go for a walk to feel human again. We had full plans of skipping dinner to give our tummies a rest.

Alas. I’ve got the worst metabolism in the world. No matter how much I eat, I’m.hungry by the next meal time. Like clockwork. So come dinner, I’m hungry again. Thankfully, the leftovers came to my rescue. 

Now, all I want is to sleep and hopefully wake up early to work some of the calories I’ve ingested today, off. 

So how was your day today? Did you have a fun Sunday?

2 thoughts on “Day 27: All about the Tum!

  1. Impromptu plans turn up the best! Love the shopping trip with ur girl…I miss them now!
    And food…sigh…like clockwork we feel hungry…ha ha…true that!

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