Day 25: When in doubt, just spout nonsense

is what I find a lot of people doing. And that is going to be my strategy to do a post today. I hear you ask, ‘what’s new?’ But I’m going to ignore it .

So what do I talk about today?

Do I tell you about how cold it was this morning? I felt unusually cold this morning. Switching off the alarm at 5:15, all I could do was snuggle for a little longer in the duvet. My plans of an early morning run on the treadmill went flying off into the cold morning air.

Did I tell you about my ambitious plans to exercise every morning before I went to work? No? Well, I haven’t been sticking to plan by any stretch of the imagination. I did start off well, went walking outside for a couple of days. Then went on the treadmill for a few days in the morning. And then it stopped. I woke up really tired yesterday. Almost didn’t go to work. Then dragged myself to work because I was dressed and all. Eventually, I gave up and came home when I started feeling too ill. With that all exercise has stopped. Now I’ve got to see when I get my mojo back.

It was Black Friday sales here today. It was never a big thing in the UK. A recent import from the states, it has become a ‘thing’ in the last few years. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday. The only thing I bought today (when stepped out for a stroll at lunch time) was a bottle of smoothie! But apparently people have been making most of the deals, according to the radio. This morning they had been interviewing folk who were our shopping and people did seem very chuffed about the deals. 

It’s nearly ten in the night. The time when my eyes are closing and I’m ready to drift off into oblivion. Bliss. I can’t wait to shut my eyes and drop off.. Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll think of some thing a little more interesting to read. 

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