The Tragedy of a Working Woman turned SAHM

– Some of the currently working women almost look down on you because they feel that you have

  • Wasted your education
  • Lost your independence
  • Wonder if you don’t feel trapped into not going back to work
  • Wonder how your child would feel later about your quitting work

– Some of the SAHM* from the beginning types

  • Applaud you on your ‘sacrifice’
  • Look for ways to tell you how you don’t match up, because obviously, this is not your forte

Either way, we are doomed 😦 Why, I wonder? Is it so necessary to judge? After all, all of us do things/make decisions that work for us as a family. What might work for me, might not work for you. We all make choices that make sense to us.  Life after all is not a mold into which all us fit perfectly, is it?

*SAHM – Stay at home mother