Words, words are all I have..

Is there anything more magical than words?

Words can make us cry, words make us laugh. Words express love, hate and scorn. Words can make such a difference in our lives. Words that make us live another’s life through books and blogs 😉 Words that can join and break hearts, words that hurt, words that heal…

And for some mad people like me, words make us addicts –  of all sorts of word games. My latest addiction is a word game on my phone.

I must be crazy, but I just cannot seem to stop. I used to be a scrabble-addict, but blogging kind of cured me. Then again blogging is all about words too, isn’t it? So is reading and so is talking, for that matter?  Come to think of it, can you even imagine a world without words?

All those magical words to savour? Do you have a favourite word? I keep having favourite phrases. Some phrases that I latch on to, and then end up using a bit too much, driving everybody else crazy. So do you play favorites with words? Do you feel the way I feel about words.