Experiment gone wrong

My last post was truly an experiment gone wrong.. Yesterday, my broadband decided to play up. I had just started my blog day – commenting and started working on a  post when suddenly – no Internet connection!

Now, that never happens here.. So I assumed that there must be something wrong with the router, the laptop. Repaired the connection, tried restarting, tried switching off the router, even disconnecting it and connecting it again – but no luck at all! Even tried connecting with my husband’s laptop – to confirm that it was not a problem with mine.. But nothing.. It kept saying that it is connected – but I kept getting errors while connecting..

Finally gave up and decided to log on from my phone. Now, the phone is great – but I can’t comment on a lot of Blogger posts from my phone and I was halfway through a post too – and had never accessed the WP admin from the phone.. That had been on my to-do list – but somehow had never gotten down to trying it out yet. So decided to experiment with trying to do a post from the phone. 

Now, this was one aspect that I find Blogger easier to use.. There aren’t as many options – so with blogger editing and posting using the cell phone was quite easy. With Wordpres, I was very wary.. And as I was playing around with stuff, i decided to preview  my post. Now this post, I had not done any editing, spellcheck or any sorts of checks – I had just completed it and wanted to see how it looked.. As I hit preview, and just as I did that, my phone died on me – as I plugged it in to be charged, daughter decided that I had spent enough time on the phone – she wanted my exculsive attention.. I got busy with my non-blog life and forgot all about my post.

I logged in later in the night- again on my mobile – blog surfed and commented but forgot all about my post. This morning when I logged into my email – I noticed a bunch of comments for a post which I thought I had not published! Thats when it dawned on me that I had actually hit ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Preview’ 😦

And this morning, broadband has started working again- miraculously! I do wonder if the universe was conspiring against me ….


Just the other day, my husband says, ‘ I really want to have a website!’
Me, ‘Why? You want to blog too?’, all excited at the prospect of ‘recruiting’ him into the joys of blogging’
He, ‘No, I want to try out Google Analytics, it sounds fantastic, but I don’t have a site!’

Well, at this point, I should mention to you that he is a major, major, major google fan! He uses every possible application that Google has come out with! And If I even talk of WordPress, he is quick to tell me that Google will definitely improve Blogger. He is waiting with bated breadth for the new Google phone!

So do you think his wife moving to wordpress from blogger would count as a betrayal? Can’t wait to find out!