The Legacy of Sacrifice

Yesterday, being International Women’s day, my FB timeline was flooded with all sorts of women glorifying sentiments. The usual, you know.

The one that got my goat was one of the comments,’we are expected to be super woman 🙂 and still smilingly accept all our responsibilities without a fuss 🙂 .’

Why is that a good thing? I wouldn’t celebrate that! If we are expected to be super women, then something is just not right, Why can’t we just be women? Women, who are human, women who are accepted for what they are, rather than what they will ‘smilingly accept’. People who have the courage of their conviction to stand up against the wrongs meted out to them, people who do not have to ‘smilingly accept’ whatever is thrown at them. It makes me even sadder that some of the people who speak like this are mothers to little girls themselves. Is this how we want our little girls raised?

When I read such stuff, I can only hope that we leave a better legacy for our children. A legacy of fairness. A legacy of acceptance of a woman as she is. Not as a goddess, not a super woman, not that super motherly creature which only exists in some people’s dreams. or the delicate woman who needs to be protected, or a woman who has to give up her aspirations because of her ‘responsibilities’…

A legacy where both men and women are capable fulfilling their responsibilities, where responsibilities are not just the responsibility of a woman.

Where the culture is not upheld by just women, where a woman are not glorified in theory and treated like dirt in reality.

A time when my daughter will be able to see a Women’s day, without the cringe-worthy platitudes that flood us but makes no difference to the way women are treated.

A time when the legacy of sacrifice is not what we bequeath to our daughters.

That would be a Happy Women’s Day.

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

Uma and Hitchy(noticed only now, Hitchy) has tagged me to list out the 10 things that I have ever done which are against gender stereotypes. Just 10?, am sure I can list more 🙂

Now, this is a tag after my own heart. I have spent years telling people, that half the things that they believe are  ‘girlie’ stuff are just stereotypes and we start believing in them when it is reinforced in multiple ways. But seriously, just going by this tag, that so many of us have already taken up – most of us seem to do what suits us, rather than what our gender stereotypes recommend.

1. Played loads of cricket on the streets back home 🙂 Came home with scraped knees and full of pride 🙂

2. Wanted to and became a Mechanical Engg – although people kept telling me that it is not ‘suitable’ for girls. Although, I am yet to understand why. Have worked on a shop floor and loved the experience.

3. Can change bulbs, fix things, mowing the lawn.

4. Love discussing politics, which I was told does not suit a woman, not that it made any difference.

5. Much more comfortable in trainers than delicate shoes. I have minimal shoes, and practically live in my trainers, as they are so so much more comfortable.

6. Have lived alone, in an apartment, in both India and abroad, and loved it! I love living on my own, love the solitude.

7. Have no fear of the dark, insects or bugs or any such things. (Daughter makes up for it, though 😦 )

8. In every city we live, I end up travelling around it much more than husband 🙂 I walk and explore a lot too.

9. I am perfectly comfortable going out without makeup or a lot of dressing up. I actually get ready quicker than husband 🙂

10. Are books considered non-girly? I love books, and don’t care what gender they belong to, as far as they belong to me 🙂

At the same time, I love chocolates, chick-lits, chick-flicks and hate horror movies. I wonder what that makes me? While I love games like scrabble, I cannot play games on the playstation or the Wii. I don’t like cooking, while I love baking. Totally mixed up? That’s what most of us , aren’t we 🙂 A combination of skills, which have little to do with what gender we are, and more to do with our personalities.

And now for the tough part. I’ve got to tag people. Apparently according to IHM, if you read this and you don’t take the tag up , you are  – ‘cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years’.

So I tag,

Goofy Mumma,




Lazy Pineapple,








Edited to add : Saksh as well. I really thought you would be too busy to take it up 🙂 Now you better do this tag pronto 🙂

I do hope none of you have been tagged already, I tried real hard to ensure that I tagged only those who were not already tagged 🙂