Weighty woes.

I did not weigh myself for months. I thought I was above all that. Surely I can’t let my self image by defined by what the weighing scales say, can I?

Then one day, the Wii Fit got switched on, because daughter wanted to play something one. While on the subject of gaming gadgets, we have the play station and the Wii – and neither gets used for months. And before you judge us, let me tell you how that happened. For a long time, we just had a tiny portable TV. Both of us were working for Indian IT companies, and we all know how it is, don’t we? You never know when it is time to go back to India. So we did not want to buy an expensive TV or any such gadget that we would have to leave behind. Then husband changed jobs and got into a UK based jobs. This meant, that we would be able to decide when to return, rather than our jobs deciding for us. And the first thing we, husband bought was the big TV. I couldn’t see(still don’t) the point of it, given that I only watch NDTV or the BBC once in a while. Once the TV was bought, husband wanted to buy a blue-ray dvd player. He did the research(he does extensive research when it comes to gadgets, which is why I can never gift him a gadget – he hates being deprived of all that research and analysis), and came to the conclusion that  the Playstation is the best option because it also came with a blue ray player. Till date,we could count on our fingers the times he must have used it as a gaming equipment.

Now the Wii, is all my fault. One of my friends bought it, and raved about it. So much that I did some research and came to the conclusion that it is just what I need. And since then it sits on our entertainment unit, as a decorative piece.

Every once in a while I get into my exercise mood and switch it on, and it tells me that it has been a long time since it last saw me. I use it for a week or so, before my resolve goes for a toss, and I am back to being lazy me.

So back to my story of my weight. I have put on loads of weight in the last few weeks. Not entirely surprised given that I have been baking a lot. Plus with husband away, I read late into the night after daughter is asleep. I eat early(early dinners being good and all that), and then get hungry as I read. So end up munching junk. All that munching shows on my scales now. And what do I do? I go and make a sponge cake 😦 I made it on daughter’s request – but how do I stop myself from helping myself to some as well?

I guess the only option is to not check my weight for some time, don’t you think? Or I have to scare myself into watching what I eat.. How do you guys manage? I lose my motivation within minutes 😦

Addictions and everything else under the sun..

I never thought I would say this, but I have managed to go and get hooked on things other than the blogworld.

In a single day, I leapt from blogville to farmville.

For the last few weeks, I had been getting requests and gifts from friends wanting to suck me into the quagmire called Farmville. And I was proud that I resisted. Until last week. My friend told me of how addictive it is and how her husband wakes up thinking of his farmville chicken. I was like, yeah? But it can’t be as bad as blog addiction! Boy, was I wrong.To think that a few months back, I never even logged into Facebook.

I haven’t yet started dreaming of chicken, but I have a rather busy farming life going on. And before I know it, I am trying to convince Hitchy and Swaram to join too 🙂 So now, to detox myself, I have decided to come back to blogville.

The last 2 weeks, I have re-discovered the joys of walking. The feel of the fresh morning air, the lovely smell of nectar from wild flowers and the feel of light rain on my cheeks.. I take detours on my way back after dropping Poohi and never have enough. It has been just wonderful and we have found a lot of little walking trails and hidden paths – all very adventurous 🙂 Surprisingly daughter has started loving the walk too. She walks the whole 1.5 miles from her school to home and has a lovely time, of course, walking for her does involve counting wild blackberries (and every other coloured berries), watching ‘horseys’ prancing around and of course spotting snails. This morning, I was dismayed at the sight of pelting rain. Daughter on the other hand was delighted. ‘ I can wear my wellies, my raincoat and carry my umbrella’  and of course, she had to jump in every puddle on the way. It was a blessing that we still reached on time.

All this walking, I do hope helps in reducing weight, else Twitter is always there. Apparently Twitter can now help lose weight. If only we knew before we bought that cross trainer.

My broadband is not very happy with my addiction either. It has decided to make my farming and blogging life rather difficult. It has decided to switch itself off and refuse to switch on. In fact, today, it switched back on only after husband came  home. Rather inexplicable, I think. Unless husband and broadband have a deal between themselves.. hmmm.. worth exploring, don’t you think?

Now, I am going to sign off before the broadband starts to act up again. Have to mind those chicken, pigs and cows. By the way, my farmville addiction is something daughter loves too. She finds my farm far more exciting than Daddy’s withered farm with no animals ( he is too busy to farm  ) while my farm has cows mooing, pigs oinking, ducks quaking, horses neighing.. No, I am not being paid to write all this.. It is that addictive 🙂