The weekend that was…

It wasn’t the kind of weekend that I would have written about, normally, but in the usual, boring weekends that seem to have become the routine, this last weekend was slightly, ever so slightly more exciting. That reminds me that I haven’t yet blogged about the weekends when husband was here – all our travel stories. One day, I’ll get down to it, hopefully before the year is out 🙂

Saturday morning dawned, or to be more accurate, I was woken up before dawn, by daughter who was super excited about a birthday party that she was invited to. It was at 10, but she wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t forget about it. If only that were an option. I would have gotten really cross at being woken up at 5:30, had it not been a huge kiss that woke me up.

Having woken up, both of us stayed in bed and read until it was a decent enough time to wake up, 6:30. Daughter refused to stay in bed any longer. Sigh! Here I was, happy that she is an early riser! Obviously, we were ready and all set, way before time. My domestic help came and went, and all daughter wanted to do was go. That is was an hour too early was no reason to stay at home and wait. Our friends were taking her to the party, and she couldn’t wait. Finally, we went downstairs, 10 mins early to wait for our friends, just in case the leave without her! Finally, she was off, and I got a few minutes to myself. I had planned to run to the gym and work out. Of course, knowing me, it stayed in the planning stage and I did a post in that time, instead, pushing away the thoughts of an overweight me, far, far, into the recesses of my mind, from which it dared not surface.

Daughter got back around one, and she and her friend still had loads of energy, which even the mid-afternoon sun refused to dissipate, so they played in the park for a bit until the mums had enough and pulled them home. Lunch sorted, daughter did some painting, and cutting up of paper -which has been her favourite hobby since the time she could hold scissors, while I decided to do something useful for a change. Our Wii-Fit Balance board had stopped working. It had been packed away last June, and I had not bothered setting it up until now. I had asked husband to do it, when he was here, but 6 weeks was not time enough to do that. So when I realized that I needed the exercise – rather desperately, I set it all up, only to realize that the balance board refused to start-up. Turns out , that we had forgotten to remove the batteries before packing it all up, and the batteries had drained out. Google, came to the rescue, with what seemed a too-simple-to-be-true solution. A friend of mine confirmed that they had done it and it worked, so Saturday afternoon, I decided, it was time for it to be implemented. And it worked! I can’t tell you how happy I am! Even my Wii-Fit was rather happy to see me back – after over a year, she said 🙂 Of course, she also said something about keeping up regular exercise to keep fit, but I chose to ignore that.

That fixed, I had some other important things to be fixed, like daughter’s teeth. She had two wobbly front teeth, which have been wobbling for a while but not enough to be pulled out. In the last few days, they started to protrude like rabbit’s teeth. Which was rather fun- for me 🙂 And annoying for daughter. So we decided to go to the dentist to see if they needed help to be pulled out. So we had an appointment in the evening, and the plan was that we would go straight from the dentist’s to Blossoms, the book store everybody has been talking about. TGND, especially 🙂 Ever since she’s told me about it, I’ve been dying to go there, and so has daughter.

At the dentist’s, it turns out that we did need to pull the teeth out. Daughter was rather brave, and just whimpered a wee bit, when she was injected with the anesthetic. She had to keep the cotton clamped tightly after the procedure for about half-an-hour, and that meant that she could not speak. If you know her, you’d know that it is just too much to ask her – to not talk for half an hour. So we ended up playing dumb charades to understand what she was saying, until, we hit upon the idea of her typing on the phone whatever she wanted to say. And of course, I had to call everybody up to tell them all about how brave she was when the dentist pulled out her teeth. *rolls eyes*

All this, of course, meant that we could not go to Blossoms on Saturday. We rescheduled it to Sunday, and turned in for the night. Waking up early has it’s advantages, daughter also goes to bed early. But then, if you’ve been woken up early, the chances are that you are equally knackered and all you want to do is crawl into bed as soon as possible.

Sunday morning, I woke up at an unholy hour again. This time, I can’t even blame daughter, I just woke up. It’s my darn body clock that refuses to let me sleep beyond 5:30! Since I had nothing better to do, I stood in the balcony, enjoying the view.


Sunday, was busy with everything we had pushed away. Daughter has a couple of tests this week, so we went through it all. Did some reading, and some TV watching. The plan was to go to Blossoms in the afternoon. I had a bunch of books I was looking for, and daughter had one particular book that she wanted. We set off at around 3 in the afternoon. I was worried that we would get lazy if we left it too late. Plus with the next day being a school day, we wanted to be back early. We took an auto, and the auto driver, it turned out had no idea where the address was. So we went round and round before landing up in the correct place. We rushed in, all eager and excited. Daughter wanted Roald Dahl’s Enormous Crocodile, and was really disappointed to see that they did not have it either. She managed to pick up two other books though. Then it was my turn. Turns out that none of the books on my list were there. I thought I’d search through the book shelves, but by then daughter was bored. Now, that she had her books she wanted out. Of course, it did not help that the place was crowded, hot and stuffy, and we felt like we were permanently wallking over people or books. I had to give up. I might go there again on a weekday, alone. Hopefully that will give me enough time to browse and find some books I want to buy.

By the time we were out of the bookstore, daughter was hungry. I wasn’t sure how hungry she really was, but she claimed to be starving. So we set off, hoping to find something where we could find something she could eat. Walking a little distance, we came across Nandos! Now Nandos was one of our favourite places to eat at, in the UK. All three of us loved it. So in we went, and ordered. I wasn’t hungry, so I just ordered pita and hummus. And daughter had a kids meal. And polished it off too! I was surprised, to say the least. I hadn’t realized that she was that hungry. The food was delicious and so was my drink. A mocktail called Citrus Bliss. I would have liked it slighlty less sweet, but it was still delicious! I did not take any pictures of the food, we were too busy tucking in, even me. Non existent hunger comes to the surface once my eyes spy on yummy food 🙂


We got back home, went downstairs, where daughter rode her bike, and I walked/ran after her, in the hope that it burns some of the calories I just consumed.

We ended the day with fruits as we were just too full after our rather early dinner. I could make a practice of this, you know, eating early and then having fruits. And for a change, it felt like a full weekend, rather than a boring one.

Busy, busy, busy!

That’s my life at the moment.

We’ve booked our tickets to return to India, and suddenly there is just too much to do.

Last weekend, for instance. It started off with Friday. There was a Fashion and Beauty Night at school for the mums, and I had planned to go. I never end up going to these events because husband is never around. This time the event would go on from 7 to 11 pm. Daughter had dance class until 7:30, and husband would be back by then. I had it all planned out. Drop daughter off after dance class, handover-takeover with husband, and off for my fashion and beauty night. It is another story that daughter wanted to know, ‘ Amma, you are not Fashion or beauty, so why do you want to go?’. If she ever finds me looking good in anything I wear, her biggest compliment is, ‘You look Fashion, Amma!’. Which by the way, does not happen much, as much as I would like it to 😉

As I was saying, I had it all planned, sorted to the last minute. Until I received a text from husband -‘Flight delayed by an hour’! That was it, all my planning down the drain. Fashion and beauty was not going to be a possibility. That was Friday sorted. Saturday was the usual saturday rush, to get to swimming, get back home, and this time, instead of rushing out again, I got daughter to sleep. We had a dinner at a friend’s place, and I wanted to get her to sleep. We are bound to stay later than her usual bedtime, and I will have a cranky, unhappy child if she doesn’t take a nap. I lay down with her, and before I knew it, both of us were in dream land. Thankfully my contribution to the evening was already made – Tres Leche – I put on weight just thinking about it!

Dinner, of course, was loads of fun. And for me, tinged with a bit of sadness as well. I am going to miss my friends here.. Its been such a great time, full of fun, laughter, and loads of food! My friend had made some yummy, yummy food! I drool thinking about it! It was just yum! A perfect evening it was- stuffed to the gills with food, cheeks aching after laughing way too much, just the perfect weekend treat!

Sunday started early – for me. Somethings happened to me, no matter what time I sleep, I wake up at 6:00 in the morning! Six in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays! I must be mad! Since I can’t go back to sleep, I use the time to drink a leisurely cup of coffee sitting in my conservatory, listening to birds chirping, and basking in the warm sunlight. Of course the peace only lasts until daughter wakes up.

Daughter had a ballet exam on Sunday. They had been planning it since ages, and finally it was here. It’s funny how exams are such fun things for these children. She and her friends were super excited about it. The excitement dimmed a bit only when they(and we) realized that we wouldn’t get to know the results until another 4 weeks. That was a little disappointing but never mind, nothing keeps us down for too long.

We had planned to go shopping after the exam, but the weather was just gorgeous! Too gorgeous to waste on shopping! So off we went to Yorkshire Dales, and landed up in a gorgeous scenic place. We parked the car, walked to a river bank, with cows and sheep gazing at us, soaking in the gorgeous sunshine, relaxing and having fun doing nothing. Daughter found herself a new hobby, collecting stones! We now have a bunch of stones in our car boot. We could stay there forever and ever.

We then managed to go further and find a cute pub which would accept credit cards( I ran out of money and husband did not bring along his wallet. Sigh!). Before I forget enroute, we passed a car boot sale. Normally car boot sales are in the mornings, and I always have a million and one things to do in the morning. I saw signs advertising a car boot which would end at 4. It was 3:30 then, so we decided to stop and check it out. They waived off the entry fee for us, we realized why when we entered. It was almost empty. Needless to say, we did not buy anything. Infact, I felt I could donate some of the stuff I have in my place:) We left with an ice Lilly for daughter.

So going back to the cute pub. We landed in a tiny village where most restaurants accepted only cash. It was daughter’s dinner time, and we gratefully entered the only pub which was ready to accept cards. Daughter had her dinner while we snacked on onion rings and we started our journey back home.

That was it for the weekend. Monday and Tuesday seems to have whizzed past. Why does time fly so? I’ve got all the sorting and clearing left to do, while squeezing in meeting up with friends, planning playdates and hoping that I don’t miss something important. Also the realization that you have just a month to sort everything out, and you have two holidays scheduled in that month! I suspect though, that the month after I land in India will put this one to shame.

PS: I’ve been reading you guys, I’ve just not been able to get down to commenting.

Holiday Tales 1- Chester

*Warning : Long post ahead*

Even best laid plans could get unraveled, so the not to well laid going awry is not really surprising.

We had not made any proper plans for the Easter weekend. We couldn’t come to a decision on where to go. I wanted to go to Dorset to see this and this, and of course for the beaches. Then my friend mentioned that they were off there as well, so we decided to pile on. We used some of the points that husband has been hoarding up on his hotel stays in Glasgow, and booked a free(almost) holiday.

We were to set off on Friday – early morning. It is a 5 and a half hour drive from where we live, and we wanted to get there nice and early. I was in record form. Bags packed, everything sorted by the time husband returned from Glasgow. The weather was not the greatest, but at the very least, it wasn’t raining(or snowing), so we were all excited!  All we needed to do was have dinner and go to bed early. Daughter chose that exact moment to throw up everything she ate. And was also running a temperature. By the time, I got her sorted and went to bed, I was dead tired.

Woke up at 5:00 – as per schedule, only to realise that I had a terrible, throat pain, and I could barely open my eyes. Between daughter’s temperature and my feeling terribly ill, we decided to not travel. Much to all our disappointment, but it did not make any sense to travel to a coastal area and not even be in a position to get into the water, given that both of us were feeling so ill. So having informed our friends, we went back to sleep.

That extra sleep did seem to work wonders. We were feeling better, I was still not completely well. but daughter was back to normal. By mid day, we started wishing that we could go somewhere. It was too late to go to our original destination – we would not reach before night-time, and we would have to start back on Sunday, leaving us just one day there. So we started hunting around for places to go to. It did not help that the weather where we live was dismal. Cold, wet and miserable, and all places nearby seemed the same as well. It was funny how when you are desperate to go somewhere, you just can’t find one place worth visiting!

Finally, we decided on Chester. Chester Zoo is supposed to be one of the best zoos in the UK. We had been planning to go there since ages. Places close by, get pushed away, because we can go there anytime. Chester seemed perfect for this weekend. We could stay overnight, visit the zoo and be back by the next evening. We did not want to plan a longer holiday, just in case we felt ill again. The weather in Chester was not great, but it seemed manageable. Light rain was forecast, and we thought we could handle light rain. Since we had packed bags waiting, all we needed to do was have lunch(which was more of a brunch), and book a hotel and be off.

It was mid-afternoon by the time we set off.

This should give you an idea of the weather around here in the last week. The snow had melted in most places, but this was taken on one of England’s highest motorways.

First stop, Chester City. It was a cute, quaint town. Chester is supposed to be one of the best preserved walled cities in Europe. We have been on similar walls in other places like York, but the walls in Chester certainly seemed to be in much better condition. We did not do the full round, we did about three-fourths of it, and then got off to walk by the River Dee.

The iconic black and white buildings that seem to define Chester City Centre. Check out the building below, the black and white one in the middle, it seemed as if it were wider on the top than the bottom..

Check out these columns and column bases, apparently from Roman times.

The Roman walls overlooking the city centre..

And the clock on the wall..

View of the street from the wall.

Chester Cathedral – view from the walls..

and a little closer..

Walls circling the city..

By the river..

The Roman Amphitheater

We get all excited at Easter window displays..

Every single time, when I upload pictures, I realize that the best pictures have us in it 😦

After all that walking around, all we had energy for, was dinner. Dinner and sleep, were the only things we were capable of. The weather had not been too bad. It did rain a bit, but most of the heavier rain happened when we were having dinner, so we escaped most of it. So we concentrated on food, after all, we needed all the energy to walk around Chester Zoo.

…(to be continued – Holiday Tales 2 – Chester Zoo)

Weekend Tales..

.. of going round and round in circles, and a wonderful movie..

In short, that was what our weekend was all about. I started the weekend rather badly(or should I say, painfully), with a horrid, horrid migraine, which started it’s assault on Friday morning. I went to bed on Saturday hoping that sleep would chase away the migraine – but no such luck! Saturday morning dawned with daughter’s voice ringing in my ears, and the migraine pounding away at my head. I envy all those who get to sleep in on the weekends – I never ever get to do that 😦 Either I wake up – thanks to my own internal alarm, or daughter does the job. And then on, it is a mad rush Saturday.

Last Saturday, I also had an appointment for a facial. Now, I never normally book appointments for relaxing things on a Saturday -it just beats the purpose. This time, I had no option. Husband, when I was in India, had bought me some spa vouchers in Groupon. They were wonderful treatments -but in some far away locations, which husband being husband, had not noticed at that time. So he offered to drive me there. The appointment was at 1, which meant that we needed military precision to get there, after daughter’s swimming lessons.

We somehow managed to reach the place, at 1:06(I did call and let her know that we were running late), and I did not feel too bad because she had called and cancelled my appointment at the last minute twice already. And I was thankful that husband drove me there – because we were not able to find a parking, which meant that he had to go around the little village searching for one. As for the facial – it was totally worth all the hassle.I should go in for such treatments more often! I was hoping for my migraine to disappear miraculously, but that might have been hoping for too much.

So after the facial and massage, all I wanted was to go to sleep – and that almost never happens  – I cannot sleep during the day, unless I am really ill, so husband drove us back home, although he wanted to step out. So we came to a compromise that we would go out for dinner, if my headache went away.

Luckily, headache decided to cooperate, and we planned to meet some friends at a restaurant at the city centre. We wanted to go to another branch of it, but it was booked until 10:00 pm. So we checked out the one in the city centre, and were told to just come down -no bookings needed. Now, just to give a background to our city centre visits – we both don’t like to drive there. Parking is a nightmare. Normally I go to the city centre by bus – because it is just so much easier. Or we take a cab.

So we reach the City centre pretty quick  – reach the restaurant, to find no parking anywhere close by. So we decided to go to the nearest, closed parking lot, which was a 5 minute walk or so. As I said, the city centre is full of one ways, and ‘no left turns’ and ‘no right turns’. Every time we needed to turn left, there would be ‘no left turn’, or if we had to turn right, it would be a ‘no right turn’ road! Just as we thought we would be able to get to the parking we came across a ‘road ahead closed’, and  ‘diverted traffic’ road signs. Following the diverted traffic signs, we ended up outside the city centre, and had to make our way back to the restaurant. And we almost did a full circle, and landed up in a weird alley, which we had never seen, and we were the only car on the road. As we were getting out of that place(following the GPS for direction), the GPS froze. It just stopped functioning. That was all that we needed at that point! The only solution that both of us could think of was ‘reboot’ it. The only problem being, the GPS is integrated with the car, so the only way to reboot would be to park somewhere and shut down the engine and then restart. So off we went in search of a place to park, while I tried to get our locations using my phone.

It was already over 30 minutes that we had been circling the city centre. Our friends who were supposed to meet us, called us then. They had reached the restaurant, only to be told that there was  waiting of a hour! That was the last straw. We decided to get out of this place and go to a restaurant somewhere else. Being Saturday night, almost all the places were full. We finally managed to find a place at a decent restaurant quite in the suburbs. We did not care. all we knew was that we wanted to get out of the city centre and eat something quickly!

Alls well that ends well, they say. We did manage to have a good dinner, fun conversation, and a relaxed time.. The one thing we know for sure now is that neither of us will plan a dinner at the city centre on a weekend, ever again!

Sunday was a relaxed day, the only highlight being, Hugo. We had been planning to watch it for ages, and had not managed to make it to the movie until yesterday. And were we glad that we did! I’m going to do a short review – just because I enjoyed it so so so much 🙂

Hugo Cabret is a 12 yr old boy who lives in a Paris Railway station. He used to live with his father, a clock maker. Hugo and his dad were trying to fix an old automaton that writes. Hugo’s father had found it in the attic of the museum he worked at. One day, Hugo’s dad dies in a fire at the museum, and Hugo finds himself at the mercy of his drunk Uncle Claude, who takes him to the railway station, and teaches him to maintain the clocks at the station. His uncle then disappeared, and he has no hope of him returning. Hugo keeps the clocks running, in the hope that no body would come searching the his Uncle Claude’s apartments as far as the clocks run on time. All the while he keeps trying to fix the automaton in the belief that the automaton will bring a message from the  He lives on stolen foodstuff, evading the cruel station master, who catches orphans and hands them over to the orphanage like his life depended on it. One day he tries to steal a clock work mouse from George Melies’s toy shop and gets caught.

What happens next? You have to watch the rest of the movie to know what happens next. It is a wonderful, touching and poignant story of the young boy, George Melies, and of the power of dreams.. All the characters are beautifully drawn out, and wonderfully portrayed.  We all loved it – even daughter. The picturization was breathtaking! The views of Paris, the whole feel of the movie.. It made us want to visit Paris again. It was one of the best movies I’ve watched in a while. I just read that it is based on a book, and I am now going to get hold of it as well.

All in all, it was a perfect ending to a weekend! So how was yours?

Of Weekends, Baking and Term break time

The dreaded time is here. It is term break time again, and that means a week full of chaos.  Whoever designed these term breaks for children, never consulted the parents! And I say this being a SAHM, I can’t even imagine what it does to parents who work.

The only thing that makes it bearable is that we had a great weekend to kick it off. Actually, I had a great weekend. I had a girls night out with my friends, watched Ek main aur ek tu, while husband stayed at home with daughter. We had nothing to do, so we went sofa shopping on Sunday. We have been advised by so many people to buy sofas from here and ship it to India, we decided to at least check it out, and then make an informed decision. As soon as we stepped in the first showroom(, we realized that Husband and I were after 2 totally different things. He wants a recliner, which goes totally flat. Some of them had trays, and cup holders, and had husband go ga ga over them! While I refused to have them in my living room. Can you imagine that monstrosity? Horrible things  – they look like airplane seats(albeit, roomier and more comfy), why why, why would one want to pay ridiculous amounts to put that in the living room? Husband and daughter loved them though. I prefer fabric over leather, something that feels welcoming, and homey, where I could have loads of colourful cushions. Husband, or course, detests cushions! So needless to say, we certainly did not buy a sofa. Daughter fell in love with some children’s bedrooms on display. We had to peel her away from them. Some of them were so cute, I would love to have one for myself. One of them especially appealed to me, it had a bookshelf along the bed, and that felt just perfect! We came home with a bunch of brochures though.

The whole furniture browsing reminded us of the time when we were totally into doing this sort of thing in Bangalore. Both before booking our flat and after, we used to spend hours pouring over interiors, and visiting show flats, just to get design ideas. Some we would love, some would just show us what not to do – but it was totally fun, all the same. Funnily enough, daughter seemed to enjoy it just as much we did. She even gave us her inputs. Some genes have been passed on, I guess!

We came back home after all that window shopping and baked cookies – heart-shaped ones, teddy bear shaped ones(Deeps, inspired by the ones you did long back), and sweet& salty ones that husband wanted. He had had them in his childhood, and he has never been able to get it in the stores. So I gave it a try, and apparently it was spot on 🙂 Now that made me really happy, after all it is rare when any taste matches up with those in our memories 🙂

After a fun weekend, I can’t really complain if it happens to be term break, can I? So how was your weekends?

When dreams come true…

.. in the form of snow flakes…

We finally had snow! Daughter couldn’t contain her happiness, ‘Winter is finally here! All my dreams have come true!’. *rolls eyes* I had no idea that this what she dreamed about 🙂

But you can’t really blame her, though.. I stepped out, to take out the garbage, and ended up standing in the snow for a few minutes, my face tilted up, soaking in the wonderful feeling of snow flakes falling on my cheeks… I think my neighbour(who was busy scraping snow off his car) on the opposite side might have just found me a bit crazy 🙂

We went walking for the first time, in the middle of the night. And it felt surreal. Of course, the fact that we were the only people on the road, did not help 🙂

Can’t have enough of this tree…

Love the way the whole place looks magical when it snows!

Fruits for the picking…

Sunday was another snow-centric day. We had the great plan of walking in the snow to a friend’s place(we had to drop off something). It was just a mile away, but yes, we did have a bit of an adventure. Daughter pretended that her legs were stuck in the snow, and we had to pretend that it was funny 🙂

The snow had already started to thaw, and the roads were all full of water. I had the experience of being splashed in the face, by a car racing by!! Ugh! The thought of it makes me go ‘Yuck’! But what is an adventure without any fun of this sort, eh? We weren’t the only people on the streets, but one Indian family passing by in their car, stared at us as if we were crazy 😦 I thought I had imagined it, but husband saw it too – it was not just me 🙂

It took us around 30 mins one way – thanks to daughter’s antics, husband’s photography, and me getting splashed!

But it was a walk which I would probably never forget. And as we got back, the snow was already melting off..

I don’t know why, but that made me really sad.. As if the magic was wearing off..

Although, I have to say, from a practical point of view, this is what I would term ‘sensible snow’. Happened on a Saturday, Sunday the temperatures were high enough to get the snow to thaw, and today, on Monday, it is almost BAU. No school cancellations or traffic disruptions.. Or the icy roads that come right after far.. Hopefully, I haven’t spoken too soon 🙂

Memories.. Old and New..

Some thirty years ago, one of the things I remember clearly are the annual circus visits. I think it was during the winters, when the little town I grew up in had visiting circus companies set up camp at a certain ground, and all of us would wait for a chance to go there.

I think we did it regularly, until it stopped somewhere down the line. I actually don’t even remember when. What I do remember is the excitement, the awe that we watched the performers with, the animals( I do realize that it was so cruel, but for a young child, it was still something out of the world). The clowns and their antics – it  even made grown-ups laugh!

Last year, we were in Blackpool, and were thoroughly disappointed with the place, when we got to know that there was a circus there. We went to watch it, and really enjoyed it. It was not the same as the ones back home. It was inside a building, and too posh? Maybe? Something was just not the same. The magic that I remembered from my childhood was missing.  Of course, it can’t be the same can, it? I am a grown-up, now! Silly me!

A couple of weeks ago, husband came across a circus being held here, near us. He booked tickets, because we thought it would be fun – much better than just eating out – which is what we would have done otherwise. Yesterday was the day. We(husband and I) did not have very high expectations, but daughter was super excited! All she wanted to see was the clown!

The very first sight of the circus made me strangely happy, and nostalgic! It was just the way I remembered it from my childhood. The pitched tent, and colourful decor. This was no posh circus, it felt real! It felt like those circuses that I had watched as a child! It was a Russian circus, and the performances did not disappoint either!

Two hours just flew by! We laughed at the clowns antics, wowed the acrobats, and the other performances. It was just perfect! The only disappointment, according to daughter, was the the popcorn was sweet 😦 Daughter and I like the salty popcorn, while husband loves sweet(he loves sweet in everything), and they only had sweet popcorn.

It was such a fun outing. Hopefully daughter will have wonderful memories of circuses – just like I have. I managed to take a picture of the circus tent, just as we were about to drive off, after the show. Does it bring back memories for you guys?

To make the weekend even more fun, we went to an Asian fair, this morning, at a park nearby. Had loads of chaat. For a change, the chaat here was delicious. Or was I delirious with hunger? Probably a combination of both. Husband and daughter feasted on jalebis. Daughter got into loads of kiddie rides, and we did a family ride which went on and on until we were ready to beg them to stop. Even the rains held off until we were ready to go home.

And a weekend, where we did not eat out. Not counting the chaats! I had food prepared, and ready at home, but we can’t resist eating when there is delicious fair food available!

Perfect weekend, by our standards 🙂 How was yours?

What do you do

when you can think of nothing to write?

I do think that I have a massive attack of food induced bloggers block. If there is one thing that defined this weekend, it is food. I think all I have really done is eat.

We had a potluck last night with the yummiest food ever. We ate, talked, laughed , good times with good friends.. How I value these times. I remember when we were in London. Most of our friends were scattered around, and meeting up people and have get-togethers took a lot of planning and scheduling. There would be weekends when all I wanted to was to meet up with someone. Poohi was little too, so everything took a lot more planning. One thing, I am thankful for here, is that we can plan and meet very quickly. Even if one is suffering from a massive migraine attack( as I was), a wonderful evening with friends is all it takes to feel better. The icing on the cake is of course, when Poohi has an equally wonderful time.

The fun( and food) did not end with that either. We had a girls lunch out today, and to say that I am stuffed would be an understatement. Things can’t get better can it? Good food, girlfriends, plenty of talking on a beautiful afternoon.. What would  I do for the fun to never end …

Now, with the weekend ending, I am so stuffed with food, that even my neighbour grilling in his garden is not tempting me eat 🙂

So how was your weekend? As wonderful this weekend was, I am waiting for the next one – Poohi has a sleepover planned, and I plan to watch a movie while she has fun at the sleepover.

Weekend tales

I can’t help wondering if I was right in the mind, when I decided to take up the NaBloPoMo for this month. Whatever made me think that it would be do-able?

From the look of it, every single thing is trying to ensure that I do not complete it. For one, the weather is so beautiful, despite it being not-so-sunny, that it is impossible to be indoors, and then to top it all, Poohi decided to run a temperature.  So it means that I have no option but to write this inane post, which by the way, I am giving you enough warning to skip 🙂

The weekend was one unexpected bonus. We woke up to a clear and sunny sky and that had us scrambling for the phone to check the weather at a nearby seaside resort. Turns out that it was all sunny and gorgeous and not one bit windy. Now, that is too good to be wasted, so we started calling all our friends and getting together a plan to spend the day at the beach. We set off, all excited, all the beach gear in place and praying that the weather stays the way it was.

We got stuck in the longest queue of traffic, within half an hour. Husband started figuring out detours on his beloved android phone. And turns out, Google Maps reported heavy traffic ahead and gave us a much better detour. That lead to him declaring his love for google, which incidentally he declares far more than his love for me. Did I mention that I drove this time, and it was my first really long drive – 70 miles, so it gave husband all the more time to spend with his phone and google( all the while declaring how great google is, btw).

Finally,we were about 10 miles away from our destination, when Poohi notices dark clouds in the horizon. Within minutes, we were being pelted by the heaviest rain we had experienced in the recent past. With disappointment weighing us down, we continued on our way, deciding that we might as well go and shop, since we are this close. Husband kept refreshing BBC weather and exclaimed that BBC still shows sunny! As if, that will make the rain go away.

Once we reached, we decided to take our time, have lunch and wait for our friends, who by the way, had not taken the detour, we had not been able to contact them before we took the detour. After lunch, the weather still looked dismal, and we decided to walk around the town,when suddenly the rain disappeared and it got sunny again.

It was the best moment ever! We could not believe our luck and we raced to the beach. Needless to say, we had the best time ever. Plenty of splashing around in the water, making sandcastles, lazing around in the sun.  It was the perfect way to make up for the previous disaster of a weekend.

We are still recovering from that one day of fun 🙂 And poohi most certainly seems to have exhausted herself and has come down with a temperature. So she has ended up missing school today. She was so upset because she was looking forward to meeting her friends again – they had a half term break last week. And I was looking forward to her going to school, so that I could get some work done, but it was not meant to be 🙂

So how was your weekend?

Celebrating summer..

Or the few days of sunshine that we get in the name of summer 🙂

We check the weather the first thing every weekend. Checking the night before is no good, it sometimes changes even within that span 😦

If it is sunny, we set off, and get to see others enjoying the weather like this 🙂 See the clear blue skies? Such a treat to see that.


Only to realise that a lot of others have the same idea.  So we sit in a traffic jam , crawling, coering 4 miles in 45 minutes. There was also an office space sort  situation, with the traffic, video below for more information 🙂 After a point, we decided to relax and enjoy the weather.


Or drive through country roads where the speed limit is 60 mph, but we could never dream of driving at that 😦


Driving through country roads that looked( see that puddle in the side of the road?) and smelt (of cowdung) like Indian roads 🙂


Driving aimlessly through the yorkshire dales and ending up in a quaint little town, with a square like this..


And a church like this…


And wrapping up the trip outside with some park side fun 🙂


And it’s all going to come to an end soon :(I am going to miss these summer days so much!

PS: Have not yet reached the comments on the previous posts – had a busy weekend. Will get there  – I promise. (Disclaimer especially for Hitchy’s notice 😉