Where have you been?

Is what I am getting asked by friends – real and virtual.  So I thought, I would tell you the story in pictures.

We did a lot of packing and unpacking. The picture below shows the kind of chaos that existed t home those days. Unpacking thankfully, was much quicker.  The only thing that took time was the broadband setup. Why it should take 4 weeks is beyond me, though.

Some one has discovered the joys of writing. And she could spend hours ‘writing’. That really helped during the packing/unpacking madness.

And then, my latest craze, gardening. I do have a helper, as you can see.The little yellow flowers are actually weeds but look so pretty that I have no heart to pull them out. We had a landscaped garden in our previous house so there was very little we could do, here it is a blank canvas, we are having a ball.  We(Poohi and I)  check on all our plants on an hourly basis driving husband to distraction.

We have been having strings of birthday parties and all weekends until May 2nd are currently booked by birthday parties to attend. At this rate, I will become an expert gift wrapper, if not anything else , not to mention, all the weight I have put on, with all the cakes and yummy food that I have been polishing off 😉  Toys R Us must be mighty pleased. We have been spending a lot of time( and money) there.

And finally, I have learnt that even without the internet, I can find equally effective ways of wasting time 😉

Everything had not been great though. One of our close friends passed away after a massive cardiac arrest leaving behind a wife and a 4.5 year old son. It was a huge, huge shock to all of us and I think reminded us of how transient life is. How everything could change in a second.

In other general news, volcanic ash has played havoc with a lot of friends, we have friends stuck in India, in the US and Europe, thanks to it. Never had I thought that a volcano could have such far-reaching effect. It has even managed to over-shadow the general elections here.

Amidst all this, the Tharoor/Modi drama provided several entertaining days with me checking the news, the first thing everyday.  What do you think of it? Ekta Kapoor should stop making saas-bahu soaps. Sports/politics based soaps have so much more scope/masala.

So that’s about it, from my end? How have all of you been?

PS: I haven’t been blog hopping, will start in a few days time – hopefully.