The non-tweeting me.

A few months ago, was it over a year ago, somebody invited me to join twitter. And I joined. That was that for a long time.

Then a few months ago, some of our blog friends joined twitter and started adding me. Then I had a little more incentive to actually log in to my account, rather than have a dormant account, which  I never used. That point in time, I ended up adding quite a few interesting people.

Funnily, despite following really interesting tweeters, I somehow do not seem have the time or inclination for tweeting. I find that I need a lot more time to be able to tweet, read through people I follow, and to respond to tweets. On the blog world, I feel I can read, comment and respond at my own pace. On twitter, on the other hand, by the time, I read a tweet and want to reply to it, the tweet is forgotten and 20 other tweets must have come from that person. So in that sense, I find it far more difficult to use twitter.  Again, even on social networking platforms, I rarely post any status message, so I guess that is another mind-block that I have, when it comes to short posts.

But yes, it is a lot of fun, when I log in once in a while, and find an interesting hashtag going on, I do have a lot of fun reading them, but as I said, very rarely do I log in, in time to read most of it.

There is one thing though. I do think that twitter does give a feeling of familiarity especially when it comes to celebrities. I hear friends talking about what Shahid Kapoor tweeted or what Shahrukh Khan said, and it almost feels as if people have started feeling far more involved, if I may call it so, albeit ‘virtually’. People can actually talk to celebrities on twitter, which I think is an incentive for some people.

Right now, my twitter usage is almost nil, but I do wish I had that kind of bandwidth and that kind of wit to be on twitter. What about you guys? Are you active on twitter and if not, why?