4 Things…


..That we saw at the Transport Museum this afternoon. Well, we saw lots of things, but since I can show only four, here you go:)

Well, might not be able to show, but there’s nothing stopping me from telling:)

We ended up at this museum because Daughter heard about it at school and had to go there. It was a sad, wet day, so this seemed perfect. We reached the museum only after lunch, and after over 30 minutes of going around searching for parking. Term break times are the very worst times to go anywhere. Even more so if its a wet day. The other day, we went shopping, and the whole country seemed to have descended on that mall.

We went there with no great expectations. It started off with some displays of fire engines and emergency vehicles over the decades. Very fascinating, to say the least. It is amazing to see how it all evolved into what emergency vehicles are today. Daughter got an activity sheet to do, and that was all she had eyes for, after that.

The exhibits took us through the modes of transport, starting from the first bicycles all the way to the fastest car in the world which holds the world record for breaking the sound barrier. They even had a simulator which gave us an idea of how that historic ride must have been. The evolution of engineering was so fascinating to see.

This was one of the most fun museums that we have been to. If you are interested in things like this, and you are anywhere near Coventry, this is one place which is a must visit.

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.