Just a few thoughts…

I have been reading ‘The Red Queen’ by Phillipa Gregory.  It is about Margaret Beaufort, King Henry VII’s mother and the more famous King Henry VII of England’s grandmother.

She was an extremely pious. In the book, she is shown as wanting to become a nun, from a very young age, but is married off for political reasons. For all her piousness, she believes that The House of Lancaster has been ordained by God to rule England. Her absolute faith, unwavering belief that God has sanctioned them as rulers make her justify wars and killing.

No, this is no review. It just makes me think how religion can make us blind to so many things. How a stamp of ‘God’ can so easily justify injustice, discrimination, wars.

And the saddest part is that it happens even now albeit, in different ways. Religious sanction for so many injustices. Religious sanction to oppress the less powerful. I guess it is not said without reason that most wars in history has been fought over religion – in one form or the other.

I haven’t completed the book, but just had to jot these down.