Thanksgiving and other randomness.

First things first, thanks all of you, for those wonderful ideas to the question in my last post. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys!

So I am leaning towards Alice in Wonderland. Mainly because I am lazy – this seemed the simplest to put together. Secondly, I am also cheap – I don’t want to buy a costume, nor do I have the creativity to put together something spectacular. So I decided to be creative in my interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Most of the costumes have a blue dress and a white apron over it. I remembered that Poohi has this apron.


It is blue, and has a rabbit on it – remember the White Rabbit.Please ignore the bad quality picture(phone camera) – I was too lazy to get the camera out to take the picture. Yes, it is not a White Rabbit – but that’s where creative freedom comes into it 😉 So she could wear this over a dark blue dress – because that is the only shade she has. Now all I have to do is convince her. Or she can wear her witch costume. Lets see.

They have a travelling book fair going on at school, I had to literally pull daughter away from school this afternoon. We had to go to ballet lessons, and there was no time to go to the book fair. Luckily it is on tomorrow as well, but daughter is extremely worried that all the good books will bought, if we don’t go and buy them today. I have somehow managed to convince her, and am now hoping that the books she wants, is still available..

I think I mentioned earlier about how much daughter was looking forward to learning about dinosaurs. She even read up about them, and was delighted when they started the topic at school. Yesterday, they had a dinosaur workshop, where somebody from a museum came and brought with him, parts of a dinosaur skeleton, a fossil of a dinosaur footprint and a dinosaur egg. I have never seen her that excited ever! She was in seventh heaven, and still can’t stop talking about it. She even told her ballet teacher all about it!

The days that I have here, makes me realize how much I have got used to the life here. Suddenly it dawns on me, that I will have a very different life in India. Different, mainly because it is going to be a totally different place, and secondly all the things I take for granted here will change. Not that it will be a ‘bad’ different- just ‘different’ different. Somehow all the times I moved cities, countries, this seems to feel the most unsettling. Probably because daughter has a life of her own here as well. And maybe because I have too much time on my hands to worry.

Although I have a feeling that I will look back on this and laugh at my worries 🙂