OMG! I’ve turned into my husband!

You know, how they claim that couples married for ages start looking like each other? Well, I’m not quite sure about the that, but what I can tell you is that I’ve started reading like husband. Rather have started reading the same things as husband.

It all started when I started researching to figure out which phone to upgrade to. Husband told me about a few websites that are good, with comparative analysis and technical specifications, and needless to say, I am hooked. It is great fun, you know, and not easy at all, zeroing in on the one you want, the perfect one, the one you will hold in your hands, well, until the next upgrade 😉 Research is important, isn’t it?

It was all fine before ordering my phone, but I continue to read them, even after ordering it!

The time I used to spend reading blogs, I have been reading about the Android-Apple wars, nameless people fighting on the internet, about who has the smartest phone of them all, and not having enough of it.

Last night I read until 12:00 in the night before I realized that my head was aching. That di did not stop me from waking up and reading some more. Who would’ve thought that phones would hook me so badly. Now, I understand why husband hates the idea of anybody gifting him a phone or any other piece of technology – that would rob him of hours and hours of analysis!

I tell you, I’ve turned into my husband 😦