Why I am happy to oogle at girls :)

Reading OG’s and Vimmu’s post on switcheroo and sex changes and chatting with Badz about it , just reminded me of how much men freak out when asked about other men 🙂

Have you noticed how, when a woman passes by, both men and women look at her ? Men check out her attributes 🙂 and women check out her clothes and accessories 🙂 I remember, once when Husband and I were walking down a street and were passed by 2 girls – both of whom apparently checked me out – much to the consternation of my husband 🙂 He could not figure out, why ,on earth, do women check out other women , when men will be scandalised when asked about another man? I do think that he was more offended that he was ignored – how could they ignore him ???

Look at how easily women( Solilo, Mandira, Monika,..) have blogged about women they could like – if they were men 🙂 And look at the men! they need to talk about sex change operations to be able to talk about other men 🙂 Not that I am complaining – I am having a ball of a time reading all you crazy guys – but seriously – why?

Well, when I look at women, I look at their clothes, accessories 🙂 – more from a purely fashion point of view 🙂 I don’t see many men doing that, do you? And I don’t for a minute feel ashamed of it either 🙂 I am sure many men would die before admitting to it!

So is it something in their ‘mental makeup’  or is it social conditioning? Is it because it is not considered ‘manly’ enough? I remember, when we were younger boys used to hang out with their hands around each others shoulders.. As we grew up and got more worldly – that was a complete ‘no no’! We were told that in an orientation class when we first started work.. Men were warned to resist from holding hands and walking around with their hands on each others shoulders especially when abroad 🙂

So have the men’s inhibitions been growing as the women get more adventurous ? Or are we now social conditioned not just by Indian standards but also by Western standards? Come on , you guys, please tell me – I really want to know!!


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