Swayamvar nahi Shaadi

or so he claims when he says ‘“Swayamvar nahin Raam Shaadi bolo, jab thaan hi li hai to shaadi karke hi jaaoonga.”

Ever since I first saw Rahul Mahajan ki shaadi promos, I have been at a loss to figure out, who in the right mind would want to marry him?

Well, we found out. There were plenty and most of them from media/acting backgrounds. Not really surprising, is it? I am willing to bet that most of them must be hoping that they stay on long enough for the audience and headhunters to notice them and then would have luck of getting rejected by the man:) That would surely be having the cake and eating it too, wouldn’t it?

The thing with all these reality shows is that you get hooked!  I started watching it, to just see who would want to marry him and I am so hooked! They are such a laugh riot.  Of course, I would be grateful if Rahul Mahajan’s laughter could be sedited out or even beeped out! He does sound exactly how Smita describes . The stuff the girls came up with was just hilarious! One girl claims that ever since she saw Dil toh Pagal hai – she was convinced that she would get married to a ‘Rahul’!! Another one, has been pining away for him for that 10 years – ever since she saw him, when she was 14. Thats right – 14 years of age! That must be the longest crush ever! Some are already in love with him. One claims that he is perfect – apparently he is a responsible person – now where could she have possible got that from? And honest because she says he wants to go good for the nation if he ever enters politics! Yes, right! Show me one politician who says he wants to do ‘bad’ for the nation.  That’s all we need, for him to enter politics as well. As if we did not have enough ‘interesting’ people in politics already!   One of the girls was a Iskcon devotee, but she was chucked out. Guess they did not like the fact that she spoke more about Krishna than Rahul 😉 Apparently every girl dreams of getting married to a celebrity – really? I must be living in some kind of parallel universe as I am yet to meet a girl with these ‘dreams’.

Yesterday, we got to know some interesting general knowledge facts, like Obama’s real name is Obama Bin Laden!! and another contestant had a tough time figuring out which country Nagaland belonged to – Columbo(????) and South Africa being one of the names that she tried with! It was hilarious! She was given so many hints and yet could not figure it out.  It amazes me that people who know(and love) Rahul Mahajan have no clue that Nagaland is part of India! Is it just a sign of the times? I  must be out of touch because I still haven’t been able to figure out what exactly is so great about Rahul Mahajan? I though people would run the other way, if asked to marry him. Apparently I am very very wrong.

When I had first seen Big Brother here – the time when Shilpa Shetty had participated, I was surprised to see how easily celebrity-dom is cast on so many people. It does not seem very different in India. People seem to be becoming ‘celebrities’ based on all sorts of claims to fame. One of the contestant claimed that her mother gave her the money that she had been saving for her gall bladder operation, to her daughter so that she could participate here. What? Competing in a reality show is more important than an operation? What kind of child would accept it? Wouldn’t that be a fair indication of the person’s priorities?

Reality shows are here to stay. I guess, we will continue to see more and more celebrity crazy people trying to compete in them for their 2 mins of fame. Are we getting shallow as a society or is it just the opportunities that have opened up avenues to show case such people. Reality shows that are some kind of talent show/hunts certainly do open up avenues to the talented – but when reality shows are just entertainment, and the standards constantly dropping to further sensationalize it  – where will all this end?