To Celebrate..

– the first tulips and daffodils in the garden, bright flowers everywhere, right from roundabouts to the woods. Gorgeous Tulips, bluebells, snow drops.. Makes me heart sing 🙂

– the warm sunshine that drives away the chill of winter

– the baby sheep(and baby ducks) that seem to be getting born by the dozen 🙂

– the buzz of lawn mowers(yes, even that adds to the atmosphere :))

– the lines of clothes drying in every garden – I never thought I would enjoy seeing clotheslines so much!

– the tiny leaves sprouting in the bushes

– the twitter of birds that wakes you up, before the jarring alarm does.

Is for sure a celebration – of Spring. The most magical of all seasons – in my opinion. I can honestly say that Spring has come to become my favourite season out here.