Day 24: Guest Post – A book by Daughter

We have a budding writer in our family. Daughter. She has been writing books, chapters and all. Me, being the lazy me, haven’t typed it out to showcase her writing. Today, she has been adding a new book to the popular ‘Malory Towers’ series by Enid Blyton.Here is what she has written so far.  So over to her.

Bluebell at Malory Towers

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

“Come on, Come on”, shrieked Felicity Rivers to her best friend Susan while running to the Malory Towers train.

“The train is here!”

Susan said, ” I can’t wait to back and see June, Freddie, Nora, Pam and everybody else.”

“I wonder if we have any new girls in our form this term”, said Felicity.

Suddenly two very familiar figures leapt out of the train. It was June and Freddie.

” Seen any new girls?”, calls Susan to June.

“Sure have,” said June grinning, ” Meet Bluebell and her twin sister Buttercup”, and out came the twins, one gracefully, the other leaping out enthusiastically.

“This is Felicity and Susan,” said Freddie to the twins.

To be Continued….

P.S. She has also created a ‘cover’ but refuses to let me photograph it.

Poohi’s Holiday updates

Poohi had a rather colourful time in India. Here’s a wee summary of all that she(and I) have been up to.

– Cows eat rubbish. One day, in Wayanad, we saw a cow grazing and chomping down grass, when Poohi exclaimed, ‘Oh look, this cow likes grass!’. She had seen quite a few cows eating rubbish on the roads, on our travel earlier, and accepted ‘rubbish’ as part of cows’ diet. It took me a while to convince her that cows are not really supposed to eat rubbish.

– She has adopted my parents as her parents. She was not too keen on having me as a parent. Just this morning, she asked me if she could go back – while I stay here.She wants to have a ‘parent-free’ holiday.

– She is totally cross with me because I am not as much fun as Achan(my dad, who she insists on calling Achan, instead of Ammachan).He used to spend hours at her beck and call. Pretend play with him was one of the highlights of our stay.

– She loved, loved making the Pookalams every day, and I was quite amazed at her sense of symmetry. She was quite good at it.

– Every day would be a marathon session of fun, and food. And she would wake up at five, if she were allowed to.

– Her collection of books have increased three-fold. My parents got me a copy of a Bhagwatham, which I grew up on, and I was so delighted to read it again. I had planned to read it to her, but I think I am having far more fun reading it 🙂 Infact, I have been rather sneaky. I have been reading it on the sly, so that I can read it in peace before I read it to her 🙂

When I look back on our holiday, I am just so grateful that we get to spend this kind of time at home. She gets to know her grandparents and bask in their love. It is such a precious time. I hope that she will remember and savour the feeling for years to come, just as I still remember and cherish the time I spent with my grandparents. It also makes me so glad that she gets so much time close to nature, that would have been impossible, had my parents settled down in a city. There is something about growing your own vegetables, and living in a house surrounded by greenery. I can only be thankful for it and count my blessings.. Precious memories forever..