The Need for Speed.

Some people (like husband in particular), need the speed.

Speed as in while driving. He comes in the category of people who believe that speed limits are minimum speed limits. He considers it an outrage if he were to drive below the mentioned speed limit. There are times when he likes to stretch the limit, a little too much for my liking, I must say.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly fine with driving within the speed limits. You see, my driving instructor was very particular about stressing that the speed limits are actually, maximum speed limits, unlike what husband believes 😉 I am perfectly happy following that old couple who does not notice that the lights have changed to green, or who prefer driving at 20 mph on a 30 mph road.

So when we are together in a car, more likely than not, one of us is unhappy about the speed the other drives at. Once I tried taking a picture when he was at 100 mph, only to capture it at slightly lesser than 100 mph. Husband was most disappointed. So the next time, he accelerated to 120, expecting me to click another one, recording his ‘records’. High hopes, indeed. At those speeds, all I can do is close my eyes and pray that he slows down. He has programmed the car to give ‘speed warnings’ whenever he crosses 100mph. That horrible beep does not help me either. It just makes me press those imaginary brakes on my side of the car – hard.

And here is the photograph that  I did not take at the right time.

Then of course, there are those drivers, who like to travel an inch behind you. Who have never heard of the concept of safe stopping distance or the 2 second rule. Last weekend, we saw one such driver in action. It was a single lane road, and there was a car, doing 60, on a 60 mph road. The car behind was so close, that it was almost on him. The car that was ahead, moved to the left, hoping that the car behind, overtakes him, but for some reason, the second driver had no intention of overtaking either. It just continued to drive at an inch away from the first car! That makes no sense to me. I would hate to have a car nudging me all through. If some one is in such a hurry, why can’t they over take when they get a chance, instead of driving that close? That could be so dangerous.

How are you with speed limits and driving? Do you feel the need for speed?