I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I’ve always loved Sophie Kinsella’s books. Especially her shopoholic series, so when Smita mentioned that Kinsella’s latest was out, I had to read it. Luckily for me, it reached my hands rather quickly too!

Poppy Wyatt, engaged to the perfect man, Magnus Tavish, has everything she wants, until she goes and loses the one thing she is absolutely not supposed to lose – her engagement ring. The precious family heirloom that Magnus had given her as the engagement ring.

It doesn’t help that Magnus’ whole family is full of intellectuals who discuss Greek Philosophy at the dinner table. She already feels that she is considered inferior, not good enough to marry their intellectual son. After all she is just a physiotherapist, with not even a paper in her name. Now having lost their precious ring, she is about to confirm for them, all their worst suspicions about her.

Just when she is trying to locate her ring, she manages to get mugged and loses her phone – her precious phone with all her contacts. Can anything be worse?

Things seem quite bleak until she finds an abandoned phone in the bin. Finders keepers she deems, although the phone’s owner, Sam Roxton, doesn’t quite think so. She is days away from her wedding, juggling between her messages, Sam’s messages, and trying everything to get her ring back, often muddling up things for other people.

So does Poppy get her ring back, does Sam get his phone back? You’ll have to read it to find out, but I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful time reading it! You’ll find yourself chuckling away, laughing out loud(scaring your child, sometimes), and wishing that the book never ends! It is totally unputdownable.

A delightful, fun read, a book that does not disappoint, leaves us wanting for more!

Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella has been one of my favourite amongst Chick-lit writers, and her Shopaholic series has been one of the funniest I have read. So when I got to know that her latest in the series had been released, I just had to get my hands on it.

We had left Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood, right after she gave birth to her daughter in the previous book in the series.. Now, it turns out that the shopaholic mother has indeed passed on some of her genes to her daughter Minnie. Two-year-old Minnie seems to have the same expensive taste as her mother, in toys, clothes, shoes and even handbags. If anything, she is even more accomplished than her mother, she does things like ordering 16 Miu Miu coats online!  Becky, on the other hand, has her hands full, tryng to keep herself from shopping – a promise she makes to Luke. Becky, being Becky, finds incredibly innovative ways of shopping, and even uses her innovative skills in becoming the most promising salesperson in her workplace. However , all is not perfect, as Becky soon finds out. Along with all the recession and her work place issues, she is also trying to plan a birthday party for Luke(her husband), while trying not to spend too much.

The book is an absolute laugh-riot, as far as we don’t use our brains while we read 🙂 Anybody who liked Kinsella’s Shopaholic series is sure to like this. A light-hearted fun read, which makes us laugh and cringe at Becky’s antics. There are times I want to hit her on her head!

All in all, a fun read, when all one wants is some laughs and a bit of fun!