When dreams come true…

.. in the form of snow flakes…

We finally had snow! Daughter couldn’t contain her happiness, ‘Winter is finally here! All my dreams have come true!’. *rolls eyes* I had no idea that this what she dreamed about 🙂

But you can’t really blame her, though.. I stepped out, to take out the garbage, and ended up standing in the snow for a few minutes, my face tilted up, soaking in the wonderful feeling of snow flakes falling on my cheeks… I think my neighbour(who was busy scraping snow off his car) on the opposite side might have just found me a bit crazy 🙂

We went walking for the first time, in the middle of the night. And it felt surreal. Of course, the fact that we were the only people on the road, did not help 🙂

Can’t have enough of this tree…

Love the way the whole place looks magical when it snows!

Fruits for the picking…

Sunday was another snow-centric day. We had the great plan of walking in the snow to a friend’s place(we had to drop off something). It was just a mile away, but yes, we did have a bit of an adventure. Daughter pretended that her legs were stuck in the snow, and we had to pretend that it was funny 🙂

The snow had already started to thaw, and the roads were all full of water. I had the experience of being splashed in the face, by a car racing by!! Ugh! The thought of it makes me go ‘Yuck’! But what is an adventure without any fun of this sort, eh? We weren’t the only people on the streets, but one Indian family passing by in their car, stared at us as if we were crazy 😦 I thought I had imagined it, but husband saw it too – it was not just me 🙂

It took us around 30 mins one way – thanks to daughter’s antics, husband’s photography, and me getting splashed!

But it was a walk which I would probably never forget. And as we got back, the snow was already melting off..

I don’t know why, but that made me really sad.. As if the magic was wearing off..

Although, I have to say, from a practical point of view, this is what I would term ‘sensible snow’. Happened on a Saturday, Sunday the temperatures were high enough to get the snow to thaw, and today, on Monday, it is almost BAU. No school cancellations or traffic disruptions.. Or the icy roads that come right after snow..so far.. Hopefully, I haven’t spoken too soon 🙂

What type of wife are you?

Screamed a friend’s FB post this morning.

The question scared me, to be honest. She, of course, is a ‘Super Wife’. Knowing her, I don’t doubt it, for a minute. Knowing myself, I would not even try it. Why would I ask FB to certify me as a really lazy wife more addicted to her blog and books than looking after every single need of her husband?

But seriously, these quizzes, who thinks them up? I am tempted to try them out, just to find out the kind of questions they ask, but dread doing it – I would hate for all my FB friends to get notifications of how I found this ‘wonderful’ quiz/application. So good wife or not, you can see, that I am a very cautious FBer. These days, I log into FB just to play Scrabble, thanks to Nu( Nu, You got me re-addicted to Scrabble!, I am just thankful, it is not Farmville).

So, as I was saying, do you take this quizzes? Are they fun? As someone who steers clear of all these ‘quizzes’ and questions that analyze various aspects of our personality, I find it quite odd that so many of my friends do seem to take part in them. Is it just something to do when we have nothing to do? I don’t think anybody would take these quizzes seriously, do you?

The last couple of days, have been so very boring, stuck at home, thanks to bad weather! I almost got tempted to start playing Farmville again or take one of those inane quizzes to relieve the boredom. If only I could though! In addition to everything else that happens when it snows, like making stepping out impossible, driving dangerous, we also lost our TV and broadband signals! For a while we felt all cut-off – like living in an island – all alone! OK, I exaggerate, but it was disconcerting. Can you imagine how it is? One moment, you are surfing channels trying to see which other part of the country had worse weather than us, and the next thing you see is a blue screen stating that the satelite signal is unavailable! Does that even happen any more?I mean, years ago, when we only had DD, I remember how a storm could change the direction of the antenna – but these days? Apparently it does happen.

Thankfully, we still had signal on our phones and internet working on them – how could we survive otherwise?

I had a post half-written on snow, with pics and all, but with this latest onslaught of heavy snow showers, I have decided to show my protest by not taking any more snow pics, until better weather comes our way. Just to let you know, we have over a foot of snow outside, schools canceled( let me not even go into details of how tough it is to entertain someone who wants to be in school) and all of us are busy sneeezing or coughing(making snowmen/snow balls out of the question). I mean, if we had to have bad weather, why can’t we have it when we are all healthy and fit?

And yes, wading in snow, is not a pleasant experience, playing those quizzes on FB, suddenly sounds so inviting!