A mid-summer morning

This morning, I spent some quality time with my garden. Well, it was screaming for attention, so I had no real choice.

When we moved here, I started hunting for gardeners, only to find that every gardener around here was super booked for spring and summer. My neighbour’s gardener offered to come by, if he comes across some free spot, but that hasn’t happened so far. So I had to take matters into my hands and tidy it up. I had done it once before and in no time, the garden is over-grown again. I was hoping against hope that one of those numerous gardeners would get free, but that does not seem to be happening, and my garden looked ready to grow into a forest, so I had no real choice.

We have a little front garden and a little back yard, and believe me, it did not look so little today. What with Poohi’s running commentary about how she can’t talk louder than the lawn mower and us finding a little baby snail, which then turned into a conversation about how we could build a house for the snail, with her building blocks. I had been absent-mindedly saying ‘yes’, when she ran in to get her blocks and I realized what I had just agreed to.

So then it took some story telling(around the snail) to explain why the snail does not need a house. Then off madam went to find the rest of the snail family. Anyway, here is the all-important snail. And in case you guys, don’t remember about this obsession with snails, it started quite a while back. And will someone please tell me, how a child who loves snails can be scared of bees or any insect for that matter?

And a few pictures of my garden in bloom. These are plants that had been planted before we came here. And I love the roses! The one in the picture is one the first of the season, and there are so many buds, I can’t wait for them to bloom.

And these are my contribution to the flora around here.

By the way, there seems to be something eating up some of my plants. I had planted some marigold and dahlias in the garden but something seems to be eating them all up. I can’t see anything but some slime near the plants. Any idea what it might be? I took a couple of marigold seedlings and planted them in a planter and kept it in the conservatory, and so far, it seems alright.. So I do think that there is something that is eating up my plants in the garden. And eating selectively too! It leaves all those weeds untouched!

And oh yes,before I forget, I have started associating summer and sunny days with the sound of lawn mowers. Every lawn mower in the area gets used during the few sunny days that we get.

I’d forgotten..

….how wonderful it is to get totally wet in the rain.

Today, on the way back from the nursery, the skies opened up suddenly and we were drenched from top to toe. We had raincoats, knowing the unpredictable UK weather – but it was of no use. Just 5 mins of heavy heavy rain and we were drenched through 🙂 And both of us loved it!

For me it had been a while since I got wet like this, for Poohi, it was literally the first time. She is normally safely inside the buggy, but since the time I hid away the buggy – this is the first time, we got caught in the rain. It was so much fun, to let her jump in the puddles and and whoops of joy as her clothes got wetter 🙂 Just 5 mins but it was one awesome 5 mins! For a while, we could see the rains go away, as in there was no rain where we were, but we could see the heavy rains a little ahead of us. That was one wonderful sight. I remember somebody telling me how their front yard gets rain while the back yard doesn’t – this felt just like that.

We took 45 mins to walk back that 0.75 miles, but it was totally worth it 🙂 And getting wet in the rain was not the only thing, we also managed to spot around 20 snails. And the fact that it was a warm day made all the difference.

If only I had known, I would have carried some shampoo 😉

Simple Pleasures..

Sometimes, children are so very easy to please, aren’t they? All that takes to make my daughter happy is a visit to the park , or going for a walk.. or just finding snails in the garden.  Spiders are another matter  – now, that is scary 🙂

Today, we went for a walk in the woods around our house..  Daughter was on the top of world as ‘looking for snails’ , one of the activities that the walk involves is one of her favourite things to do.

As soon as we reached it, she forgot about all about snails when she saw the profusion of lilac flowers all over.. It was breathtaking.. Every plant had some kind of flower and for some reason, there were loads of lilac flowers everywhere.. Last time, it was full of yellow flowers! Weeping Willows forming a beautiful canopy. It was just so amazing.. I wished I had a camera to capture it..

The fresh , unpolluted air, the green plants, the tall, tall trees, and a breezy, breezy day..The joyous shriek when she found horse ‘footprints’  and the disgust at horse ‘poopy’ 🙂 The delight at spotting a cat.. Simple pleasures which we almost forgot in the mundane everyday life..

It was not just daughter who was delighted.. And the small matter that we could find no snails did not affect the pure joy of the moment either..

Edited to add : A pic of a snail from the last time we went ‘snail hunting’ 🙂 We clicked it to Poohi  screaming, ‘Say, cheese, snail!’