This is what happens…Post 3

.. when we shop on an empty stomach..

And we refuse to learn. Despite our theory having been proven right umpteen times!

So much so, that I go shopping only at times when I am not hungry. I run to the supermarket, first thing after dropping off daughter at school, so that I don’t end up stacking up food that I don’t need. Husband, however, is a different story. I think he ends up hungry, whenever he lands in the shops. He is totally disinterested in grocery shopping until he reaches the aisles of his interest – Junk, in our words. Then there is no stopping him. He piles on everything he remotely likes. If the supermarket has a ‘world foods’ section, then there is no end to it.

Have I told you about our Junk cupboard? In every house we have lived in, husband has just one demand, he wants a ‘junk cupboard’ for all his ‘junk’ aka snacks of all sorts. Every time we go shopping, he adds to his collection, only to open the cupboard and realize that he has picked enough snacks to last us years.

He managed to buy this when we stopped at a rest stop on our way back from holiday. This pack of doughnuts though, did not last as long as I thought it would. I was aghast when I saw husband proudly carrying this, but I have to say, we managed to wolf it down, despite all my reservations 😦

I so need a workout now.

On a sad and wet day..

.. what do I do?

I make murukkus! And thankfully this time they look like murukkus. Last time they looked like rice powder dissolved in oil 🙂 It all started a few months ago when Poohi wanted to eat them. My normal course of action would have been to pick up a pack at the local Indian store, but clearly providence had other plans. They did not have it in stock. Daughter very nicely asked me, ‘Can’t it be made at home’, and I thought, ‘Why not!’.

Very soon I was changing my mind. The murukkus I made ended up disintegrating in the oil. And I was told very nicely by daughter, to leave murukku making to Ammamma and the people in the shops 🙂

Today, I thought I should give it another try. And hurrah! Not perfect, not great, but definitely not too bad ones 🙂 And it was all worth it to see Daughter’s excitement when she got back from school. It took me back to the days when we used to get back from school and Amma used to have all sorts of snacks ready for us. The smell of the batter reminded me of all those days, many, many years ago.. Although I don’t think I ever got to eat murukkus without eating some nutritious food first. Today, in my excitement, I let Poohi enjoy 🙂

And before you ask for the pics – I still have a laptop situation that makes it impossible(almost) to download pics. Will upload them and torture you all once I get my new laptop 🙂