We have been waiting..

.. for snow..

Yesterday, the forecast said ‘Light snow showers at 3:00’, and we had our eyes peeled at 3, waiting. The wait went on until 4. Daughter gave up before me. I logged in to check if the weather forecast had changed, only to realize that it said very clearly, ’03:00 am (Thu). Silly me, not to read it properly.

The first thing, I did this morning was to check if the forecast held true. Well, it most certainly did  – but it must have been a very very light shower, the only thing left was a thin layer of ice on the top of cars. How disappointing. This morning was slightly better. We have had light showers of snow, which disappears as soon as it hits the ground, but it is better than, nothing, don’t you think?

Here is how it was last year. And here’s one from last year for today’s Thursday Challenge- “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…).

Thursday Challenge – Autumn

Autumn is one season I just don’t like, given the fact that it just heralds in winter. I mean, as soon as Autumn is done, here comes the horrid winter. Having said that, Autumn beauty is still powerful enough to tug at your camera, isn’t it?

The theme for this week’s Thursday Challenge is Autumn (Colored Leaves, Harvest, Farmer’s Markets, Raking Leaves, Piles of Leaves, Warm Clothes,…)

Some trees bereft of leaves, others still clinging on to theirs.. In under a month’s time, they would all be leafless, soulless, until spring..

Celebrating summer..

Or the few days of sunshine that we get in the name of summer 🙂

We check the weather the first thing every weekend. Checking the night before is no good, it sometimes changes even within that span 😦

If it is sunny, we set off, and get to see others enjoying the weather like this 🙂 See the clear blue skies? Such a treat to see that.


Only to realise that a lot of others have the same idea.  So we sit in a traffic jam , crawling, coering 4 miles in 45 minutes. There was also an office space sort  situation, with the traffic, video below for more information 🙂 After a point, we decided to relax and enjoy the weather.


Or drive through country roads where the speed limit is 60 mph, but we could never dream of driving at that 😦


Driving through country roads that looked( see that puddle in the side of the road?) and smelt (of cowdung) like Indian roads 🙂


Driving aimlessly through the yorkshire dales and ending up in a quaint little town, with a square like this..


And a church like this…


And wrapping up the trip outside with some park side fun 🙂


And it’s all going to come to an end soon :(I am going to miss these summer days so much!

PS: Have not yet reached the comments on the previous posts – had a busy weekend. Will get there  – I promise. (Disclaimer especially for Hitchy’s notice 😉

I’d forgotten..

….how wonderful it is to get totally wet in the rain.

Today, on the way back from the nursery, the skies opened up suddenly and we were drenched from top to toe. We had raincoats, knowing the unpredictable UK weather – but it was of no use. Just 5 mins of heavy heavy rain and we were drenched through 🙂 And both of us loved it!

For me it had been a while since I got wet like this, for Poohi, it was literally the first time. She is normally safely inside the buggy, but since the time I hid away the buggy – this is the first time, we got caught in the rain. It was so much fun, to let her jump in the puddles and and whoops of joy as her clothes got wetter 🙂 Just 5 mins but it was one awesome 5 mins! For a while, we could see the rains go away, as in there was no rain where we were, but we could see the heavy rains a little ahead of us. That was one wonderful sight. I remember somebody telling me how their front yard gets rain while the back yard doesn’t – this felt just like that.

We took 45 mins to walk back that 0.75 miles, but it was totally worth it 🙂 And getting wet in the rain was not the only thing, we also managed to spot around 20 snails. And the fact that it was a warm day made all the difference.

If only I had known, I would have carried some shampoo 😉

You know summer hols are nearly over

– Neighbours houses suddenly come alive with activity.

– All the cars in the house are back on the driveway.

-the so far pleasantly uncrowded parks are bustling with children with too much energy

– you come across mums showing off their new tans proudly while taking their children and dogs for a walk

– you come across Grandmas back on baby sitting duty until term time commences (and you can make out that they are counting days;) )

– Back to school deals are on , in every possible store.

– the saddest part – knit wear is back on shelves! Believe me – the sight of knit wear back on shelves makes me cry. Summer is nearly over and winter is nearly here!

Summer oh summer,

You gave us just a glimmer,

you flirted,

and skirted,

around windy days

and rain drenched ways,

we longed for you when you were here

and will now pine away till the next summer is here.

Summer(sunny days), do you think you will be sweet enough to grace us with your presence, in the very last long weekend of the year? Or do you want songs to convince you, in  Swaram and Deeps style?