‘aunties ke big babes’

…. is what someone searched to land at my blog! I had no plans of posting today.. Has been a couple of crazy crazy days – I have not even responded to the comments , loads of unread posts in my reader, but I just could not resist when I saw this search term 🙂

Hitchwriter had invited all his readers to take up this tag about what people search for, and end up reaching our blogs 🙂 Here are some of the bizarre ones that people have been searching for to reach mine!

1. aunties ke big babes  -what was he thinking when he/she thinking when he searched for this? And whatever made google land him here?

2. monstermind ????

3. husband wish list – Any takers – who has been searching for that 🙂

4. introduction about act of rape in india – There have been loads of searches with the keyword of ‘rape’ – but this was extra weird!

5. daughter green hair – So there are more daughters in the world wanting green hair  🙂 Maybe, somebody”s teenage daughter wants to colour her hair green and wants to see if she has company 🙂

6. how to write excuses for 1. skip school(loads)

2. avoid school uk(loads)

3. avoid friend’s trip(just one person 🙂 )

4. to go on trip

and some of these people looking to write excuses – also do not happen know how to spell ‘excuse’ 🙂 But google still manages to land them here 🙂

7. Lots of people looking for Sushmita Sen and one looking for ‘nigella lawson+rhinoplasty’

8. and of course how can I forget – people looking for Dhiren Bhai 🙂 There was just one hit for it before Dhiren wrote his post – had a bunch after that – so I suspect some of our blogsamajites have been trying to verify the claim that searching for Dhiren Bhai could land you here 🙂