So how do you write?

Do you start a post and finish off at one shot?

Do you write save drafts and then work on it to make it better?

Do you research when you write?

I fall into the first category. I just write, finish and post. I finish most of my post at a go. If I ever do stop, I am more than likely to delete it off. Yes, I hate drafts. It just clutters up things for me.  I rarely do any research, which I wish I could change. I wish I could write those detailed and informational and analytical posts that some write. I am more of an on-the-spur blogger. I write when I feel like, and when I have the time. The only time that had me worried was when I started the NaBloPoMo. I was worried if I would be able to write everyday.

Luckily for me, I find that I do have things to write most days.  The only problem I have faced is getting the time to sit down and write. Normal days, I would write when I have the time, and have replied to most comments. The main difference that I see now, is that I make myself sit down and write everyday. So I do have a lot of replies pending, which I hate by the way. And I also get queries about why I am not blog hopping 🙂

So tell me, how do you write? Does anything in particular inspire you? Is there a time of the day that works for you?

And one another totally tangential note, did I tell you that we have become a football crazy household? Husband is a non-sports person, he watches nothing. Every since the world cup started, he has been making an effort to follow the sport. Apparently that is all that gets discussed at work these days 🙂 So every evening, he is in front of the telly, and so am I. Yesterday, I sat and watched the England vs Slovenia match, all by myself much to daughters dismay. I actually scared her once with my cheering 🙂 We are now keeping our Sunday free, two very interesting matches scheduled! So how is the football mania where you are?

PS : I promise I will get to all the un-replied to comments and your blog posts. Between the FIFA and the NaBloPoMo, I am a little stretched 😉