On about nothing..

I have always admired people who blog on schedule or daily or even 2 or 3 times a day – on a regular basis. For me, these days, doing a post is becoming more and more difficult.

I have ideas for posts running around in my head, but they all disappear as soon as I get to the laptop. Of course, it does not help that daughter wants my attention right then or she would have dropped yogurt on my carpet, making me jump a mile high and forget all about the post until I have scrubbed out every sign of it out of the carpet and have given daughter a verbal scrubbing too. By the time I am done, a post is the last thing on my mind.

If nothing of this sort happens, farmville, of course, is there to distract me. My crops might be ready for harvesting or the animals ready to collect milk, down feathers or truffles. Goodness! This game is even increasing my general knowledge. I had no idea that farm animals had so many uses! I am sure all this farming will come in use, when I buy a farm after retirement. See, I have my retirement plans all chalked out – I am even practising it – virtually 🙂

Anyway, I was talking about how blogging just does not seem to be happening. Sometimes, when I have a post all chalked out, in my mind, a friend would call. And off I go, chatting away, until I run out of time, and then before I know it, it is dinner time, and then night time! Where does my time go? I really need tips from you guys. How do you manage it? Most of you manage while holding down a job and playing games and being on twitter! I seriously need lessons on time management!

Did I mention that I watch that reality show – Pati, Patni aur Woh? Hitchy, please don’t throw your shoes at me – I had not intended to. Really! I started watching just to see what it was like – and then got hooked in.  But this is it – I am not even looking at another reality TV show ever! I have had my fill of them. My husband has been teasing me that I will sit through that Rahul Mahajan one as well – so I have to prove him wrong.

One of the things I have always been on about has been confirmed by Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment and Forest, we would get a Nobel Prize for Filth! Maybe, they need to create a prize for it. Then maybe, we might change our ways. But it was refreshing to hear a govt minister admitting it rather than the opposition saying it.

Talking of the opposition – do we have an opposition in our country any more? They all seem very busy in ‘internal matters’. Do you think our next election might have Congress winning all seats because there was nobody to contest against them?

Christmas is already here. The shops are all decked up. I am forced to walk to the shops to gaze at a huge Father Christmas holding loads of presents. Poohi thinks that if she stares long enough, he might just take pity on her and hand her one of the presents. They certainly have the right idea though. With all the festive decor, my daughter is not going to let up until we get a Christmas tree, which we had anyway planned to do, but she wants a pink tree – which I certainly don’t fancy. And can you believe it – they do sell pink trees! There must be plenty of little girls in this country pining away for a pink Christmas tree!

I guess I had better end this aimless rambling of mine. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

For a child’s smile…

We just got back from one leg of our holiady and were discussing how different our holidays these days are.

There was a time when we went on marathon sight seeing trips. During the pre-daughter days, we used to be up and out the whole day. Grabbing a sandwich when we get hungry, walking around little towns, without even thinking of the time, on our feet the whole day. We used to step out with a map of the place, and would try and get to as many attractions as possible.

These days, our holidays are structured around daughter. Playing in the sand , for what seems like eternity 🙂 Splish-splashing in the sea, eating at her meal times, looking out for child friendly restaurants and waiting for her while she is busy playing in indoor play areas – until she is too tired to play… And funnily enough, we seem to have a lot of fun doing all this too, infact, her screams of joy at building sand castles or entering the sea or sighting ‘Nemo’ at the sea life centre is worth a lot more than all the exploring that we did earlier.

Knowing how our life revolves around our daughter, in the sense that we try to make plans that will involve her and everything we do, is keeping her best interests in mind, it amazes me is how parents can voluntarily sign up their children onto programmes like ‘Pati , Patni aur Woh’. I can understand that the makers have only the TRPs on their minds, but surely, parents would have better sense.. How can any parent let their child be part of a programme like this, where their child is left in the hands of couples, who have little or no experience of handling children. The promos make me shudder.  I know, it will be argued, about how different is it from children acting in movies and serials.. yes, but then I have my reservations about children acting in them too. And will this impact the children in any way? We would probably never know..

I cannot for the world imagine, how any parent can sign up their child for something like this. Is it worth the money, fame or are the parents trying to get a bit of the spot light through their children? Is it all that different from child labour?

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