Utterly Random Updates

Just because I feel like it 🙂

-My reader is over flowing. I’ve come across so many new, interesting blogs, but it seems that you need time to read and comment everywhere. To add to it, I seem to use both Feedly and Google reader, and find myself all muddled up, not sure where I’ve commented, and where I’ve not. Sigh! Organized, I, so am not!

– I have loads of drafts, but don’t seem to get around to posting. Most likely because I’m playing Scrabble or Monopoly whenever I get the time! I’ve got to uninstall that Monopoly game from the phone. It is such an addictive game. In fact, I’m going to do it right now. Well, maybe after I play just one last game. And it goes on. And on. I don’t think that Monopoly is going away in a hurry. And when I do get back to those drafts, they would have been way past their ‘use by’ date.

– That yoga mat I bought must have disowned me by now. I seem to conveniently ignore it and spend the morning browsing instead of twisting myself into postures. Although I think I have been eating healthier. More salads and stuff, and I’ve been staying away from those cakes that call out to me from bakery windows. Thank god for small mercies.

– Last week was super exciting, we did day trips, walks to the park, soaked up the brilliant sunshine. I even did some weeding in the garden. By some, I mean, very little. It is a very tiring job.But I have to get the garden sorted before it is time to get those seedlings I have growing in my windowsill propagator, transplanted. So excited! About the seedlings, that is. Not so excited at all the weeding that awaits me:)

– I’ve been reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. And what a book it is. Review coming up in the book blog soon.

– You know that I’m having driving lessons. I’ve got a really nice, patient driving instructor. He’s perfect, but for one small thing. You know how some people you can’t go near because of body odour. Well, this guy is the opposite, he dunks himself in some sort of deodorant, so strong, that half the time I feel suffocated in the car. And it doesn’t help that more often than not, you have to keep the windows closed, thanks to good old British weather. To make things worse, that’s not the worst thing. What annoys me most is that I have that smell on me, in my clothes, my hair. Ugh! So much so that I’ve started having a shower after the lessons to get that smell/fragrance off me.

– Daughter is super engrossed in Harry Potter these days. She’s been re-reading the first three books until I managed to get her the fourth. And now, she’s lost in it.

So that’s it with my random updates, what’s been up with you guys?

PS: Does anybody else get annoyed with the American spell check on WordPress? It always highlights words like ‘colour’ and ‘neighbour’! How annoying is that!

Because I have too much to say..

.. I post when I can ill afford to. And then check the comments and can’t resist responding to them. Before I know it, the day’s gone and nothing has actually got done.

What do I do, sometimes there is just so much for me to say. Husband says I always have too much to say, but let’s forget that for a moment, shall we?

Yesterday daughter came home saying, ‘Amma, you know S? Her mum has 3 daughters and now she has one more baby in her tummy! How is she going to manage four children? Amma, if you had 4 children, would you have given 3 away for adoption and kept only me?

I was aghast! Clearly my daughter knows how inefficient I am! ‘No, darling, if I had 4 children, I would look after them, just as I look after you’.

Her: ‘ But then may be I would have to learn to cook and everything, because you wouldn’t have time to do everything’. What can I say, just goes to show that my inefficiency is very, very evident to my daughter 😦 Yesterday, we did miss the school bus, but in my defense, we got delayed because we were having a very interesting discussion on something. Maybe, husband does have a point about me talking too much. Sigh!

Talking of children and how having them affects things, Rahul Gandhi seems to have his priorities sorted. Such a patriotic man, he is giving up on having children just so that India gets rid of ‘high command’ politics! Now, that has to be called dedication! Can we think of any others with such lofty ideals? Oh wait! Maybe, that’s what Mayawati, Mamata and Modi have been doing too! See, we are so quick to condemn politicians, while all they’ve been doing is making such huge, huge sacrifices for the country. Forget having children, they even refuse to marry. Because of course, marriage is only for procreation! It’s just us ordinary mortals who believe in marriage being for other things like companionship and joys of having a soulmate.

I’m having a steady stream of visitors at my place – tenants viewing the house and removals surveyors. It feels like it is never ending. And sometimes when you cancel other stuff and wait for them, they don’t turn up. Argh! The whole process of packing up is scaring me. So much to do. So many things to get rid off, to give away, to pack away.. I hadn’t realized how many things have added up since we came here. Plus craft work! What do I do with all of daughter’s craft work. Too precious to throw away, nobody who would want to take it away.. and no way of taking it back with me. And too many things to take to my parent’s place already without adding these as well.

I’ve got to run now. Too many tasks staring at me while I type away at the laptop.