Do you..

forget that you bought something and remember just before it is about to near it’s expiry? No? Well, I wish I could say the same. It happens to me all the time 😦

Yesterday, I ‘discovered’ a packet of ready-to-roll puff pastry that I bought last week, after getting impressed by the custard tarts that my friend dished out. They were absolutely delicious. She, of course, made even the pastry from scratch. I decided to go the easy way – I picked up a packet of ready to roll puff pastry and then forgot all about it. Until yesterday. Thank god for that, because it was one day away from expiry.

The custard tarts were out of question – too much work and only the egg yolks were needed to be used in the recipe, which meant that I would have to use the whites in some other recipes – as I said, too much work. So I decided to go the easy way.

1. Home-made bite-sized pizzas – made by daughter.

And this is how they turned out 🙂

2. Chocolate croissants or chocolate parcels whatever you want to call it – just because we felt like it 🙂

3. Vegetable puffs- just to bring back memories of all those bakeries in Bangalore 🙂 Although I have to say, they tasted nothing like I would have liked them to 😦

And after all that buttery, flaky pastry, I need to go on drastic diet!