What would happen if there was no moon? Post 10

Asked daughter, and had me stumped for a bit. All I could think of something related to tides, and tidal waves.

So I turned to my guardian angel – Google. Turns out lots of people have been googling it. So I am not the only one who forgot what she learnt at school.

Did you know, that the moon saves us from asteroids. So if the moon wasn’t there, we(as in earth) would be getting hit much more by asteroids. And that the earth would rotate faster around it’s axis, making our days about 6 hours long!  I can’t manage with 24 hour days, what would we do with 6 hour ones 🙂

Do you get as fascinated as I do, when you read about our universe. Especially how small we are in the larger scope of things?The wonders of the universe, how our ancestors had learnt the basics of physics by simply observing nature. They fascinate me. Have you watched Professor Brian Cox‘s documentaries on subjects like these? They are so spellbinding.

Watch this video of him explaining entropy amongst other things. I am sure most of us would have loved Physics as students, if our teachers explained it in this beautiful way.

He makes seemingly tough subjects, so easy to understand. Explains it in terms that anybody could understand. Even my 5 yr old watches in fascination when we watch his programmes. His passion for the subject comes through, in the way he talks.

Needless to say, I have taken to watching his programmes on you tube, whenever I get a chance. May be, one day, when daughter asks me a question like, ‘What would happen if there was no moon’, I wouldn’t need to ‘google’  it?