To meet or not to meet..

a deadline..

It had been a while since I had stringent deadlines to meet. I had fit into the role of a SAHM, with unexpected ease. The only strict deadline I meet these days is getting daughter to school on time. Once that is done, I have a comparatively easy and tension-free day. After years of crazy work schedules and near impossible deadlines, the life I lead now, is almost idyllic in comparison.  There were days, when I used to see mothers pushing buggies on the road and wonder how it must feel. Well, I know now.

I had quite forgotten how it was to have a deadline and the feeling one gets, when it is about to be missed. Today, however, I had a deadline that I thought I would miss – that of the NaBloPoMo post. Normally, I plan in advance for most of my deadlines, and am normally comfortably within the acceptable time limits. Today, was a different ball game altogether.

We had no concrete plans for today. I had been feeling rather under the weather after last night’s movie. I am not a night owl, and late nights really pull me down. It was at the last-minute that we decided to drive up to Yorkshire Dales to a waterfall trail. I left home, with clothes drying outside, definite that we would be back before nightfall. Fate had other plans. We ended up eating out and getting home very late. So late that it was pitch dark outside, which is saying something, as it is light up to 10, on most days here, these days. Along with the darkening sky, I had this fear, that I would miss the post, which is something I just did not want to do.

I have this thing about deadlines. I cannot bear to miss it. I think the competitive spirit in me kicks in as soon as I am on the verge of messing things up. I have always managed to meet deadlines and thankfully, managed to scrape through today as well.

How good are you with deadlines? Do you like them? Or do you find deadlines terribly restricting? I do know that creative people are normally not too fond of deadlines. That, I guess indicates how non-creative, I am. I thrive on deadlines. I love that adrenaline rush that it gives me. And it also reminded me of all the parts of my job that I used to enjoy. The madness, the craziness and the joy when deadlines were met, clients were satisfied.. and that feeling that you gave it your all..

The non-tweeting me.

A few months ago, was it over a year ago, somebody invited me to join twitter. And I joined. That was that for a long time.

Then a few months ago, some of our blog friends joined twitter and started adding me. Then I had a little more incentive to actually log in to my account, rather than have a dormant account, which  I never used. That point in time, I ended up adding quite a few interesting people.

Funnily, despite following really interesting tweeters, I somehow do not seem have the time or inclination for tweeting. I find that I need a lot more time to be able to tweet, read through people I follow, and to respond to tweets. On the blog world, I feel I can read, comment and respond at my own pace. On twitter, on the other hand, by the time, I read a tweet and want to reply to it, the tweet is forgotten and 20 other tweets must have come from that person. So in that sense, I find it far more difficult to use twitter.  Again, even on social networking platforms, I rarely post any status message, so I guess that is another mind-block that I have, when it comes to short posts.

But yes, it is a lot of fun, when I log in once in a while, and find an interesting hashtag going on, I do have a lot of fun reading them, but as I said, very rarely do I log in, in time to read most of it.

There is one thing though. I do think that twitter does give a feeling of familiarity especially when it comes to celebrities. I hear friends talking about what Shahid Kapoor tweeted or what Shahrukh Khan said, and it almost feels as if people have started feeling far more involved, if I may call it so, albeit ‘virtually’. People can actually talk to celebrities on twitter, which I think is an incentive for some people.

Right now, my twitter usage is almost nil, but I do wish I had that kind of bandwidth and that kind of wit to be on twitter. What about you guys? Are you active on twitter and if not, why?