Onam and other random mutterings…

I have no business posting, not when I have a million things yet to be done. Which includes emergency grocery shopping, because I have almost run out of essentials like rice..

But sometimes, a girl has got to do what she has got to do!

The whole day has rushed past, I managed to avoid doing my grocery shoppng which means that I will have to go to the supermarket tomorrow, Friday, when every other person would be there trying to avoid the weekend rush. To add to it, tomorrow is Onam, but I just don’t feel like preparing a proper sadya. All I can probably make is a payasam for that festive touch, and a pookalam – for which I still have to figure out where to source those flowers from.

Daughter is totally excited about Onam, she is waiting for tomorrow morning, when I have to wake up early, do the pookalam and make her favourite payasam. And fry pappadams – something I keep putting off – thanks to my aversion to frying.

Seeing my lacklustre Onam mood, daughter has been threatening to go off to Ammamma and Achan(my parents). She is already upset that she is not their daughter. My dad explained to her that it is much better to be a grand-daughter, because he never scolds his granddaughter while his daughter always gets scolded. Pat came the reply, ‘That is because I am never naughty and Amma is always naughty!’. Sigh! If I don’t make that payasam, I am sure she will disown me with no further ado.

While on the subject of daughter, she is now year 1 and considers herself a BIG girl. Where does time fly?

So those of you who do celebrate Onam, what plans for tomorrow? Can I please gate crash into somebody’s sadya? Pretty please? As for me, I have a whole load of grocery shopping to do tomorrow.

PS: The sun is finally out in this part of the world!!!!  Onam magic, do you think?