Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen, yes, that’s my little girl’s favourite song at the moment. From the last few weeks she has been hooked on to ABBA!

Well, who’s going to believe me when I say that my daughter had no ears for anything except her nursery rhymes, now  goes around singing, ‘You can dance, you can jive…’

It all started a few weeks back, when she was refusing to sleep and I was exhausted and wanted to watch to relax. We had Mama Mia – the movie , lying around and I had always wanted to watch it. All the time in London, I had wanted to watch the play – but never managed it and now after the movie was made – that was on the list too.. So that weekend, I threw caution to the winds and said,’Lets watch it, she’ll probably drop off watching it’. I am normally extremely careful with what I let her watch – but that day, I was beyond caring.

How was I to know that she would be captivated by it. She sat through the whole movie. Loved every song and ever since, the only songs she wants to hear are ABBA.. Now I am seriously worried if I have scarred her for life or something. The child is fixated on these songs. She demands Mama Mia or Dancing Queen as soon as we get into the car, this from a child who used to only ask for ‘incy wincy spider or humpty dumpty’. Last week, when I was studying for my driving test, the only way I could keep her away from jumping over the book was to play the songs.. Have I unleashed a monster?

Today, she sang Dancing Queen at the supermarket shopping – very loudly! I got a lot of looks from a lot of people. I am now seriously worried that some of them might report me to the child services for bad parenting 😦