Appliance love – Post 26

What is the one appliance which really makes life easy for you?

I am a kitchen appliance person. Every time I see an new appliance, my heart beats faster, unfortunately. Unfortunately because living a nomadic life in a rental house means that every new thing I buy means, more to transport the next time we shift houses/cities.

The one time that I bought things with gay abandon, was in Bangalore 7ish years ago. It is another story that I had to pack it all up in storage boxes, and they stay in storage boxes in Bangalore after all these years. When we first moved to the UK, we were sure of just the next six months. That meant that we bought only the bare essentials.Of course, renting out fully furnished apartments did make it easier. It was after 3 years there that I bought a full fledged, fancy food processor, mainly because husband had moved to a UK based company, and it meant that we could chose when to return to India, and were not at the mercy of the company we worked for. Then on, we started to get a little more adventurous. Little appliances, that caught our fancy, we would buy. I now have a few little things, which I tell myself, will be easy to ship to India, although husband maintains that it will be cheaper to buy there rather ship all these things from here.

Among all these things, the one appliance that I am deeply thankful for, is one that I did not buy, it came with this house. My dishwasher. Husband had been quite insistent that we look for a house with a dishwasher, but when it got down to house hunting, with all the criteria that we have, a dishwasher was one that got knocked off, quite early in the search. Given the condition of rental properties here, getting a rental property in an area we liked, is difficult enough. The last move of ours though, we got lucky. We found a house, which fit our requirements almost entirely, and had a dishwasher! Funnily enough, it was the only house, husband and I saw together – all the other viewings, I had done by myself. Does that make him lucky, I wonder?

Anyway, getting back to the topic of my dishwasher, I have actually come to recognize how much it eases my life. The pure pleasure of stacking the dishes, and pressing a button. Knowing that after a long, tiring party, I don’t have to worry about washing every dish that I own, or that I can use that fancy food processor, because I don’t need to wash all those fiddly parts anymore, knowing that by the time I get back after the school run, the dishes will be sparkling in the dishwasher.

Makes me wonder if getting a dishwasher is a feasible option in India? Sounds better than a maid, doesn’t it? No worrying about whether or not, she’ll turn up, or maids going on holidays? So, do tell me, do you know if it is a feasible option in India?