As I mentioned earlier, we are soaking in the atmosphere in Bangalore. We are trying to make the most if it. What if we do have to go back? We would hate to go back feeling as if we left something incomplete…

There is a lake visible from our flat. We used to gaze out at the lake, its pristine, shimmering waters beckoning to us. From the first time we saw it, it always held a strange attraction for us. Ever since we moved here, I have been dying to walk by the lake, but somehow, it never happened, until today.

We set off at 6 in the evening. Walking the short distance to the lake. All I can say is that it was well worth it. The incredible feeling, as we get close to nature. Flocks of birds, the gentle, pleasant breeze, dedicated joggers and walkers, and the sound of crickets as night time fell. And we walked back home, promising ourselves more lakeside walks, and feeling immensely grateful that we have such a wonderful piece of nature right in the middle of what is fast becoming a concrete jungle.


Happy Feet of Ours.. Post 4

Yesterday, daughter and I had been discussing what both of us did( at school and home respectively). I happened to mention that I went for a walk and stunned to see her burst into tears.

Apparently, she was upset that I went for a walk without her. I have to say that I was a Happy Mummy at that point in time.

You see, I have been asked by people why I ‘make’ my child walk to school when we have 2 cars. The school is just over half a mile away, and it takes us around 8 mins to walk there. Daughter has no issues with walking. She has walked that distance in all sorts of weather, even in heavy snow.  If anything, bad weather makes it even more fun for her. Her nursery used to be 1.5 miles away and she used to walk the distance cheerfully, albeit, in good, weather. I don’t think a little fresh air and exercise does any body any harm.

Some parents choose to drive to school, even when their houses are closer than ours, but the way I look at it, walking half a mile to school is no hardship, and it just puts her in the habit of walking. Not just that, she enjoys walking too. Both husband and I love walking, and we walk whenever we get a chance. So she has grown up seeing us walking wherever possible. So she has grown up to think of it as a fun activity, rather than a compulsion. I know children who do not walk at all, who hate travelling by bus, and insist on going everywhere by car.  I am not trying to judge, but I would much rather prefer daughter loves walking and understands that it is good to take public transport when it makes sense, than feel that it is some sort of a hardship or torture. One time, we went to the city centre by bus, and on the way back we did not get a seat to sit, but I was delighted to see that she stood all the way, and still had loads of fun.

Some of my friends ask me if she does not ‘mind’ walking, when we could drive. I think the reason she does not ‘mind’ is because we don’t present it as a hardship. Rather, it is an opportunity to have fun. We used to get to see horses and count blackberries, where we lived earlier. The time that we spend together walking is a lot of fun. We even meet people and make friends. Surely, in today’s hectic world, the joy of walking, is a wonderful gift for a child.

If I drive to school, we might reach a couple of minutes earlier, but would miss so much more. And not to mention that we have a playground on the way to school, which is accessible only if we walk. What more can a five yr old ask for?

So I don’t care if it is a ‘torture’ to anyone else, but when it comes to daughter and me, we love this torture!

Wordless Wednesday – 14

Actually, a not-so-wordless Wednesday. A guessing Wednesday, to be more accurate.

There is something odd about this banana tree. Can you figure out what?

Take a closer look..

Edited to Add : Sandhya, PNA, Sags and Dreamer got it totally right – You guys are experts 🙂 Normally the bananas form after the last leaf has come out – right from the centre. In this case, it seems to have branched out. A mutant banana tree 🙂

My mom and dad spotted and clicked this. and sent it across to me to see if I could figure it out – but I was clueless 😦

Poohi’s Holiday updates

Poohi had a rather colourful time in India. Here’s a wee summary of all that she(and I) have been up to.

– Cows eat rubbish. One day, in Wayanad, we saw a cow grazing and chomping down grass, when Poohi exclaimed, ‘Oh look, this cow likes grass!’. She had seen quite a few cows eating rubbish on the roads, on our travel earlier, and accepted ‘rubbish’ as part of cows’ diet. It took me a while to convince her that cows are not really supposed to eat rubbish.

– She has adopted my parents as her parents. She was not too keen on having me as a parent. Just this morning, she asked me if she could go back – while I stay here.She wants to have a ‘parent-free’ holiday.

– She is totally cross with me because I am not as much fun as Achan(my dad, who she insists on calling Achan, instead of Ammachan).He used to spend hours at her beck and call. Pretend play with him was one of the highlights of our stay.

– She loved, loved making the Pookalams every day, and I was quite amazed at her sense of symmetry. She was quite good at it.

– Every day would be a marathon session of fun, and food. And she would wake up at five, if she were allowed to.

– Her collection of books have increased three-fold. My parents got me a copy of a Bhagwatham, which I grew up on, and I was so delighted to read it again. I had planned to read it to her, but I think I am having far more fun reading it 🙂 Infact, I have been rather sneaky. I have been reading it on the sly, so that I can read it in peace before I read it to her 🙂

When I look back on our holiday, I am just so grateful that we get to spend this kind of time at home. She gets to know her grandparents and bask in their love. It is such a precious time. I hope that she will remember and savour the feeling for years to come, just as I still remember and cherish the time I spent with my grandparents. It also makes me so glad that she gets so much time close to nature, that would have been impossible, had my parents settled down in a city. There is something about growing your own vegetables, and living in a house surrounded by greenery. I can only be thankful for it and count my blessings.. Precious memories forever..