of my name, that is. I don’t know about you guys, but I have had a history of name mutilation.. How difficult can a name like Smitha be to pronounce, one would think – but going by the number of variations that I have been called – very difficult!

It first started when I was a little three yr old playing outside with  my friend, when she called me ‘Sushmita’!

Apparently. I told her, ‘Mera naam Smitha hai’ and this girl came back with, ‘Nahi, meri mummy boli hai , tumhara naam Sushmita hai’ !

My parents still laugh about how upset I was that she was calling me with a different name 🙂

As I was growing up (and during my grownup years), I had people calling me Sushmita, Ismita , Sumita, Samita, Simtha(One of my manager used to call me that and even address mails to me with my name written like that!!!! I had to literally correct him each time that he introduced me in meeting with that name and funnily enough – he never got it correct) and Samantha – when I ordered a Thai Takeaway – she just could not get my name! And this was apart from all the ribbing I got with nick names like ‘Silk Smitha’!

That just ensured one thing – there is no way I was going to name my daughter with a name shared by any famous(or infamous) person. But you can’t be sure, can you about who is going to get famous or infamous 😦 I just pray that there are no infamous stars(?) in the future with my daughter’s name.

What really took the cake was after a long and very difficult conversation with a customer service  agent with a very thick Scottish accent(I’m sure he must have been talking about my Indian accent). I was not sure if either of us understood half of what we said to each other. I get a letter addressed to ‘Pimpha’ – Now, how he derived this from ‘Smitha’ – after all the spelling ‘S’ as in ‘Sam’.. you get the drift , right? – is out of my comprehension!

So have any of you suffered from name mutilation?