I must get my head examined..

In the middle of packing our stuff and cleaning the house, I just had to bake a cake.

Ever since I wrote about how much I love orange cakes, I have been lusting after an orange cake. Today, I could wait no more, so I decided to bake it, come what may. And am delighted to tell you guys, that I have polished off half the cake, all by myself.

We are moving houses this weekend. The last time we moved houses, I started packing more than a week before the move. By this stage, I was walking around in taking photographs of the boxes. You see, husband thought that all our belongings would fit into 4 boxes. Finally, we needed 30 boxes, apart from suitcases and some textile storage things for duvets and stuff. So I was capturing the fact that I was so totally right 🙂  I was totally enthused and excited about moving. Perhaps the excitement of moving cities and I think, we had really out grown that flat. Even though some of the most precious memories we have, were in that flat, Poohi was born there, we had reached the stage where we knew that it was time to move on.

On the other hand,this time, this house still feels like home to me. Although I do like the place we are going to, we could have lived here some more. We made some wonderful friends here, both Poohi and I have had a lovely time living here. It feels to me that I am subconsciously trying to delay shifting out.  Although, there is no real need to feel this way, we are just moving 3 miles away but it is still not the same as being next door, is it?

March seems to have brought spring along with it. The last few days have been beautifully sunny, although still bone-chillingly cold. Somehow, the cold seems far more bearable with the sun shining above one. And the new shoots and new blooms brings such a happiness to air. The other day, I saw sheep in the fields again – it had been a while since I saw any. There is something about spring that signifies new beginnings, new life and a fresh start. Maybe, that is what we are doing, a fresh start at a new house, with the hope that spring will bring lots of hopes and sunlight into our lives as well.

PS: I have not been able to blog hop much or reply to comments and that will probably continue for another 2 weeks, until I get the broadband sorted out at the new place. I will read your posts and comments as soon as I can 🙂