Happy Mothers Day

This is what I woke up to, this morning.




It is Mothers Day in UK or Mothering Sunday as it also called. Daughter has been super excited about it since weeks. She could barely contain her excitement and spill the beans about the presents she has made for me, but she did manage to keep her secret rather well.

So today has been declared a ‘relaxing’ day for me, by daughter. We are celebrating with a day out:)

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who are celebrating!

Just because..

..I am too tired to think of a title, but don’t want a lecture from Ashwathy 😉

There are reasons that I tell you that term breaks are pure torture. Reasons like this…

What’s wrong with this? This is a 3D puzzle. The box warns that it takes 2-3 hours to complete – but when we bought it, I somehow managed to miss it. Or perhaps my subconscious must have dismissed it – 2-3 hours – that has to be an exaggeration, right? Wrong. It takes that long and more. As I discovered to my horror.

Last week, Poohi’s school had a Maths puzzle workshop. We had been to it, and they had a little shop. And this was what we picked up from there. Mainly because Poohi loves puzzles, and she is quite good at them. So I thought(mistakenly), that may be it would be fun to do a 3D one. Maybe it would challenge her a bit. Challenge, it sure did. It just challenged the wrong person – me. I know, I know, I should have known!

This week has been a week of broken promises. We had planned to go out for lunch, just the two of us, but it never happened. Today we had planned for it again but there were some last minute change of plans. So we decided that we would go out in the evening. By the evening Poohi was a little tired, so we decided to stay at home and do something fun. That ‘something fun’ turned out to be that 3D puzzle.

Little fiddly pieces, trying to figure out what needs to be done, over the constant chatter of daughter’s(if you have met her, you would know what I mean), eager little fingers which are sometimes a bit too rough with cardboard pieces, with a million and one questions(does the real Tower bridge have giant batteries that makes it open?).. make a deadly combination.

At the end of the  3+ hours, my back is in pieces, I am ready to demolish the whole thing, if I could, and all I want is, for it to be assembled, and out of the way. I can’t help cursing myself for buying the darn thing, when daughter gives me a sudden hug, and says, ‘Amma, that is magic! It almost looks real ‘.

Can’t ask for more than that, can I? I guess a little ‘magic’ does work wonders to soothe a mother’s aching back and grumpy mood 🙂

PS: I haven’t been blog hopping much, haven’t been responding to comments. Come Monday, I will be on it, I promise 🙂 This week has been crazy!

Gyan from a five-yr-old

Poohi: ‘Why are pink, red, purple called ‘girlish colours’. What if some boys want to wear pink? That is not fair,Amma!’

Me:(Open-mouthed, and delighted)! I can direct her to IHM’s page as soon as she is old enough to see how men can carry off pink beautifully 🙂


I cuddle her sometimes and call her ‘my baby’. One day, she extricates herself from my arms and says,’ You can call me a baby at home but NEVER in school’.

I pretended to be crestfallen,so she concedes, ‘OK, you can call me a ‘baby’ at school, very softly, but only when nobody is around’.


Poohi:’ We think God is everywhere, but some people think that God only lives in the sky’.

Before I could say anything, she goes one to say, ‘But that is ok, because everybody thinks differently, and that is ok, because everybody is different’.

Am I glad or what 🙂

Single mothers, daughters and pictures that never get taken…

I am back to being a single mother(over the week).

Three years back, it was the norm. Husband would go off on Mondays and return on Fridays. And daughter and I would spend time together, do fun things, enjoy ourselves, and wait for Fridays. Before daughter was born, my work took care of me – I would spend extra time at work, and enjoyed that too. The last three years was different. All of us were in the same location, and it was idyllic.

Some of husbands colleagues had already started commuting to a different location, and we were hoping that we were spared – clearly we were hoping for too much.

But it is not too bad  – so far. Daughter and I have a hectic schedule and we hope to keep our weekends for some quality.

Duaghter has developed a great love for reading, and I never thought I would say this – but that is driving me nuts. She can spend hours reading, and it gets particularly annoying when we are running late to school/after school activities, and all she wants is to read that story which she must have read a million times.

And even worse, when she tried to click on ‘Click Here’ when I was doing something on the laptop – because it ‘says so’!

Or while on the road,  ‘Take a left, Amma, that’s the way to the airport.’

And now I can’t fool her by skipping lines in a book – I used to try that with new books, which I hadn’t already read to her. Now she goes – ‘Amma, you missed that line!’.

I could live with all this  – if only, she would get ready on time, and not read when we are on our way out somewhere. My mum, if she were to read this, would call it ‘reaping what one sowed’ 🙂 Apparently I used to be just like this 😦

How I miss those days when she couldn’t read!

On a totally unrelated note, I so wish cars came with cameras fitted in the front(and the sides), like those in flights. Everytime I see a beautiful roundabout, full of gorgeous flowers, while driving, I can’t help wish I could just click a button and capture it. Some days, even this cold and dreary place looks gorgeous.