Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella has been one of my favourite amongst Chick-lit writers, and her Shopaholic series has been one of the funniest I have read. So when I got to know that her latest in the series had been released, I just had to get my hands on it.

We had left Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood, right after she gave birth to her daughter in the previous book in the series.. Now, it turns out that the shopaholic mother has indeed passed on some of her genes to her daughter Minnie. Two-year-old Minnie seems to have the same expensive taste as her mother, in toys, clothes, shoes and even handbags. If anything, she is even more accomplished than her mother, she does things like ordering 16 Miu Miu coats online!  Becky, on the other hand, has her hands full, tryng to keep herself from shopping – a promise she makes to Luke. Becky, being Becky, finds incredibly innovative ways of shopping, and even uses her innovative skills in becoming the most promising salesperson in her workplace. However , all is not perfect, as Becky soon finds out. Along with all the recession and her work place issues, she is also trying to plan a birthday party for Luke(her husband), while trying not to spend too much.

The book is an absolute laugh-riot, as far as we don’t use our brains while we read 🙂 Anybody who liked Kinsella’s Shopaholic series is sure to like this. A light-hearted fun read, which makes us laugh and cringe at Becky’s antics. There are times I want to hit her on her head!

All in all, a fun read, when all one wants is some laughs and a bit of fun!