An Award and the 7 Random things tag

In all spheres of life, you come across people you really look up to. People who amaze you with their skills – be it management skills, social skills, or those that weave magic with words. Like Shail of Shail’s Nest. She is one of the bloggers whose work, I find amazing. So when someone like her gives me an award , The Versatile Blogger Award- I can’t help be overjoyed:) Thank you so much, Shail!

And at the very last minute, I remembered that Zradar had passed me an award – which I had forgotten to pick up. Turns out I got double-tagged 🙂 Thanks Zradar – and do forgive me for picking it up so late.

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says:

Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers

Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

Share 7 Random things about yourself

Thank the Blogger who nominated you

Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post – That is the simplest – Here goes.

Nominate 15 Bloggers

1. Saritha

2. Swaram

3. Bikram

4. Seema

5. Scribby

6. Uma

7. Pepper

8. Ash

9. Hitchy

10. Sandhya

11. Smita

12. Shilpa

13. Vimmuuu

14. Kanagu – Maybe a tag will make you blog again?

15. Aparna

Now to share 7 random things about me.. Is there still something I haven’t shared in the 3 years I have been blogging?

1. I love recycling stuff – as in, separating garbage into recyclables and non-recyclables.  I meticulously gather all paper, empty juice cartons and put them in the right bin. Some of my friends think I’m crazy because of the effort I put into it 😦 Th other day, at a friend’s place, I started gathering discarded wrapping paper, and asked them where their recycle bin is, only to be met with a blank look  – they must have thought I am crazy 😦

2. As much as I like recycling, taking bottles to the bottle bank is something that I HATE! I can’t stand the sound of bottles breaking. It used to be husband’s job, but ever since he has started travelling, it has become mine.

3. You know that ‘trainer’ on Wii Fit. Every time she says, ‘Great Posture’, my posture goes wobbly. Every. Single. Time. Why can’t she just shut up and not say anything!!!!

4. I lurk on Twitter – mainly because I have nothing to say – and because it has become my daily dose of news, views and outrage 🙂

5. I hate the smell of cooking that lingers in the house. Hate it! I do everything to prevent it and hate it if I step in and can smell stale cooking!

6. I can’t pass the library and not go in.

7. Santa got daughter a monopoly set, and Santa has been playing monopoly ever since. It has stopped now because husband is away – but I had forgotten how addictive it is 🙂 I almost get tempted to play by myself – if only that were possible:)

And done! Thank you Shail and zradar! I enjoyed doing this tag!

(Un)Fashionable me

GM and Deeps tagged me on FB to do this tag. I decided to it here so as to not inflict it on my poor friends on FB. I would not consider myself fashionable by any standards. I go by comfort rather than fashion, which is probably why I have clothes which are years old, that I refuse to part with just because they are so very comfortable!

So here’s the tag, where I declare to the world how I don’t own most of the must-have list 😦 I should go and hide myself somewhere  or better still go and shop for all those must-haves that I don’t have 😉

How many of these fashion items do you have? 99labels has compiled a list of must-have fashion items for men and women .


  • Copy this into your NOTES.
  • Bold those items that you have, italicize the ones you once possessed but don’t have anymore.
  • Tag your friends to see their fashion quotient. Tag me as well so I can see your responses !

For Women

  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Black Flats
  3. Gold Hoop Earrings
  4. Mac Waterproof Mascara
  5. A Black Clutch
  6. Sling  Bag
  7. Gucci /Hermes-Berkin/Chanel/Prada Bag
  8. Light-Colored Cotton Saree
  9. Summer Scarf

10.  Bright Colored Umbrella

11.  A Red/Purple/Blue Handbag

12.  Over-Sized T-Shirt – I have loads of these. I used to think of these as my only way to hide my love-handles – until I saw this.

13.  Pencil Skirt – I did buy one, some time back in the hope that I would be able to carry it off, but only ended up toppling over. And that went into my ‘clothes that go to charity’ bag.

14.  Black Crepe/Georgette Saree

15.  Louboutin Shoes/High Heels

16.  Le Smoking Jacket/Suit By YSL

17.  Trench-Coat

18. Crisp White Cotton Button-Down Blouse/Shirt

19.  Solid Wash Jeans

20.  Leather Jacket

21.  Pair Of Black Pumps

22.  Knee-Length Boots – If there is any reason I can tolerate the winter here – it is because it allows me to wear boots 🙂 I just love boots!

23.  Silver Earrings/Baalis

24.  Leather Gloves

25.  Sexy Black/Red Stilettos- I have these, but I never wear them, because I spend more time trying to stay upright 😦 I think I really need to put this in the ‘to be given away bag’ as well.

26.  Turquoise Stone Bangles – Thanks to a client who gifted me these when I was leaving the project. They are old Native Indian artifacts and too lovely for me to  actually ever wear them.

27.  Ipod

28.  Platform Shoes

29.  Sexy Swimsuit

30.  Toe Ring

31.  Tattoo

32.  Black Tank-Top

33.  Hot-Pants

34.  Kajal

35.  Banarsee/Kanjivaram Saree

36.  Beach Sarong

37.  Oversized  Sunglasses

38.  White Salwar Kameez

39.  An Evening Gown

40.  Classic  Leather Belt – I have leather belts, but I have no idea whether they fit into the ‘classic’ bracket or not.

41.  Lingerie By Victoria’S Secret

42.  Summer-Hat

43.  Chanel/Hugo Boss/Dior/Ysl Perfume

44.  Silk Stockings

45.  Iphone

46.  Kundan Choker

47.  Pearl Necklace

48.  Faux-Fur Outerwear

49.  Halterneck Dress/Halter Top

50. Body-Piercing – do pierced ears count?

51.  Silver /Junk Anklet/Bracelet/Armlet

52.  Clinique Set

53.  Churidaar Kameez

54.  Platinum Band/Ring

55.  Bracelet Watch

And we’re done! I am not tagging anybody else, because I am sure most of you would have been tagged by now. But if you haven’t been, then please do take it up 🙂 And do let me know if you do.


Cherished forever…

Rash and Pixie had tagged me sometime back to list down some precious and unforgettable memories… Here are some of my memories that I hope I never forget  – even if I get afflicted by Alzheimer’s 🙂

1. I always woke up to my father chanting shlokas in the morning.. He is a very spiritual person and he chants a few select hymns and I always remember waking up to it.. He has never asked any of us to do it and I never bothered to , to be honest.. It is so ingrained in my memory that every time I hear those hymns – I feel very peaceful . Recently I was stunned to realise that I actually know the words – without ever consciously trying to… Somehow, it makes me feel very peaceful. It is probably one of my oldest and most prevailing memory..

2. The other memory that I have is of my brother being born.. I was six then. My grandma was with me at home and my uncle came with the news that I have a new baby brother – and for some reason   I was so so sure that I would have a sister – I remember being disappointed. My brother was in the nursery when I first saw him and I was with my cousin sister and both of us had put our hands into his crib and for some reason, he grabbed my finger and that made me feel so so good – it was as if he just chose me as his sister 🙂 As if he instinctively knew 🙂

3. My mother rushing around doing stuff and father teasing her that perfectionist that she is, she will never get satisfied that the house is ever clean or tidy 🙂

4. I think I enjoyed my school life the most. We were a class of 30 and we were unbelievably united 🙂 We liked(and still do) to believe that we were absolute geniuses 🙂 and we did have one of the best ICSE results in our batch 🙂 Anyways, though we were brilliant  – we were also quite difficult.. We actually boycotted a class – because the new biology teacher tried to imply that our previous teacher(who we absolutely adored) was not very good. We drove our class teacher a little crazy – but he still admits that he is yet to come across a class like ours 🙂 I miss those friends of mine.. We were so similar, with so many dreams.. and now, when we do manage to talk – we end up talking for hours despite being out of touch for over 16 years…

5. My maternal grandfather used to be my biggest champion. He was fabulous! He had an English childhood and he used to tell me stories and stories.. To me they used to sound just like something out of an Enid Blyton book! He had his schooling in a boarding school and I remember being cray about Malory Towers and wishing that my parents would send me too 🙂 He also gave me a rude shock by telling me what sardines are! I had imagined something far more exotic 🙂 My parents used to mail him everything  I wrote and he used to write such lovely, lovely letters analysing everything and encouraging me.. I miss him so!

6. The parathas my mom used to make for breakfast when I was young.. For some reason, it still is comfort food for me and I make them whenever I want to feel good 🙂 Though never at breakfast time 🙂

7. My dad surprising mom at their anniversary! He would rope us in to hide the gift and surprise her with it when she was least expecting it ! It felt so good!

8. My husband is not a very romantic sort of person, he managed to sweep me off my feet when we got married and he showed me that he had printed out and collated every email that I had sent him 🙂 That was the sweetest thing for me!

9. In 2001, husband and I had gone on a Karnataka State Tourism board tour. It was fabulous! We had just not expected it to be so good.. It was very normal acco and stuff but we really really had a great time.. It was probably one of the best times ever..

10. When we were newlyweds in Bangalore.. we ended up staying in a really dingy house as we were quite broke then 🙂 The house might have been small and dingy – but we had a lovely time there.. We used to have friends over, cook together.. it was a wonderful time.. I have the fondest memories of living there….

So there! Those were some of the memories I cherish..

Now comes the more difficult part   who do I tag 🙂 Here goes.. I am trying to tag everybody who, as far as I know has not been tagged – OG, Winnie the Poohi, Usha, IHM, Nids, Crafty, Mystery and Goofy Mumma. Anyone else who is interested, please do take it up and do drop me a note in the comments:)

Edited to add  – Indyeah and Solilo, please do take up this tag from me too 🙂 The only reason I did not tag you too was because I saw that you Rash had tagged you too 🙂

Saritha – Please do take up this tag – I thought I had added you – missed you by mistake – sorry, sorry , sorry!

Dhiren – Apologies for not tagging you 😦 I did not know that you did not know that you had already been tagged 🙂 So here you go and please forgive me 🙂

Anybody else who is mad at me for not tagging – please, please let me know – I will tag you right away – no offense meant – this was a Saturday post – which means I had very little time to myself 🙂

Picture Perfect!

Indyeah had tagged me – a long, long time ago. Being the lazy bum that I am, had not taken it up yet.. And now, since I plan to be away for the Easter Long weekend – thought it would be fun to schedule a post – always wanted to do that! See heights of my ambition!

So the rules of the tag are..

We are supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from google image search,with minimal explanation.

Use as less words as possible.The picture should be able to do the explaining for you.

The questions are:-
1.Your age on your next birthday
2. A place you’d like to travel to
3. Your Favorite place
4. Your favorite food/drink
5. Your favorite pet
6. Your favorite color combination
7. Your favorite piece of clothing
8. Your all time favorite song
9. Your favorite TV show:
10. Full name of your significant other
11. The town in which you live
12. Your screen name/nickname:
13. Your first job
14. Your Dream Job
15: Bad Habit you have
16. Your worst fear:
17. The one thing you would like to do before you die
18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

Indyeah has added this
19.Your favourite credo in life.:)

Ok, Here  I go 🙂

1.Your age on your next birthday


2. A place you’d like to travel to


Is India – so many parts of India that I have not yet seen and yearn to see..Some of the top priorities are…





belur-halebidBelur Halebid – My husband went there and has been singing its praises ever since.. Have been dying to go ever since!

3. Your Favorite place

home4. Your favorite food/drink


Orange Juice! Husband is worried that I’m addicted to it 🙂

dosaI love Dosas. There used to a place called ‘Chennai Dosa’ – well lets just say that they should have given us ‘Dosa Miles’ or something – we used to land up there so often! Now, I try my hand at making it at home and have been failing miserably 😦


Chaats – I love chaats in all forms! Alas – I rarely get the chance to eat them these days!

5. Your favorite pet

I never had a pet , but always wanted one of these….


6. Your favorite color combination

colourI really do not have any favourite colour combinations unless you count my favourite black T-shirt and blue jeans combo 🙂 But I love splashes of colour! A brightly coloured throw on pale sofas or a green plant in a room..

7. Your favorite piece of clothing


I know you guys must be tired of hearing this- – but its the same old jeans!


and saris – gorgeous silk ones! I love cotton too – but since I hardly ever get to wear saris – it’s mainly silk that I wear – when I do 🙂

8. Your all time favorite song

I must be one of the very few with no ‘all time favourite’ 🙂 Guess I will have to take a pass on this!

9. Your favorite TV show


BBC’s Panorama is one of the most interesting and insightful programmes that I have seen recently

apprenticeBBC’s The Apprentice is another one of the few programmes that I watch these days:)

friendsAnytime, I’m low or just want to watch something – FRIENDS is the one 🙂

10. Full name of your significant other


11. The town in which you live

leedsLeeds, United Kingdom

12. Your screen name/nickname: I don’t have a nickname 😦 Should have thought of this before I started blogging 😦

13. Your first job

softwareSoftware Engineer – How I hate that description!!!!!

14. Your Dream Job

bossladyAnything where I get to be the ‘BOSS’ 🙂

But seriously ,


I think I would have made a good architect- too late for that though 😦

15: Bad Habit you have



16. Your worst fear:


17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

– is to live a full life 🙂 Can’t seem to find an inage for it 😦

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

booksLoads of books!


a huge mansion to keep them in 🙂


19.Your favourite credo in life.:)


I had a lot of fun doing this post ! Thank you Indyeah! This tag was fantastic! Now I have got to tag 6 of you!  I think most of you have been tagged, so would like to tag Varunavi, Happy Kitten, NM, Pradeep, Kanagu and Masood. In case any of you have already been tagged – please let me know ! And anybody else, who is interested – please do take up this tag – it’s a lot of fun and I would love to read about you !