I wish I could..

..bake this cake. And check out the blog, the way she writes, makes me want to make everything that makes..Coming back to the cake, doesn’t it look just delicious! But I can’t, can’t bake it, because I need friends to share it with 🙂 Can’t even take the chance of making it and eating it all by myself… And all of us are just too busy this week. Plus, we are off on a short break – I can’t afford to look any fatter than I already am 😦

..sleep during daytime. I never can 😦 I can count on my hands the number of times I have slept in the afternoons! I envy people who can, like my husband, who can sleep anytime, anywhere 🙂 I wake up at 6:00 even on weekends these days. What is the matter with me!!

… Control my appetite. How, how, how do people diet? I can’t stick to anything for even a meal! As I was saying at R’s Mom’s place, forget about fasting, I can’t even skip a meal! How sad is that!

…I wish I could go a for a spa day, and just relax, or read a book while they pamper me.. Husband has been asking me to just book it and go for it, but somehow I never seem to be able to figure out when I will be totally free. Like today, I had an appointment for some fancy cleaning/waxing my car which was to take 4 hours. And it was in the city centre, so I had plans to go shopping in the 4 hours. Right on schedule, daughter fell ill, and I had to cancel it all. So how is that spa day going to work, I wonder..

.. Lose a few extra inches, and gain a flat tummy, in 2 days time! I bought a dress yesterday, only to realize that there is no way I can wriggle into it( I tried, but had to give up) unless I magically lost a few inches.  Just as well that I am not baking that Tres Leches Cake, I guess!

.. Clone myself. To get the extra hands to finish off sorting the laundry, vaccuumming the carpets, cleaning the kitchen, helping daughter with her ‘work’ and one of me gets to curl up and read.. That would be so perfect, don’t you think? If only wishes were horses……