Swine flu on the mind

Swine flu seems to be sweeping through Britain. Just the other day, husband came home and told me that somebody in their office has been diagnosed with swine flu. The next day, someone in his team came down with Swine flu!

That has triggered off swine flu paranoia in me.  I have the symptom checker open.  I have read everything I could find on the Internet – and have still managed to be just as  confused. The symptom checker is always up on the browser – who knows when one of us develops a symptom! Now, you guys know, why I haven’t been able to read and comment on your blogs – I’ve been monitoring symptoms 24*7. It’s very tedious, you know – to try and see if our sneezes  or coughs fall into the ‘swine flu category’.

I just happened to find out that Cherie Blair has come down with the bug – apparently hubby Tony is safe – in the Middle East. Made me think- now that is a solution to tackle our esteemed Indian politicians – a dose of swine flu? Even the name suits them – what do you say? But funnily enough, in a country where people seem to be prey to all possible diseases – we rarely hear of our politicians(or their wives) getting affected by these ‘common’ illnesses, do we? May be, now is a time to start?

Can anybody think of a way of getting Mayawati to meet Cherie Blair? A promise of a statue in the UK might help – what do you say?

And it turns out, I am not the only paranoid wife. The person in my husband’s office, who sat next to the guy who came down with swine flu, has been told by his wife – ‘Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’!

Redefining the heights of narcissism

UP Chief Minister Mayawati has been slammed by Union Home Minister P CHidambaram for spending Rs 1000 crore on statues of herself and other dalit leaders.

Rs 1000 crore in a country like India where millions are still under the poverty line. Apparently the cost of maintenance is estimated at around 10% of the construction cost – annually! It stumps me to think that leaders like Mayawati think that installing statues of dalit leaders and herself(?) will help improve Dalit pride – that is apparently the justification that is given! What I just cannot understand is how, she can build her own statues! Isn’t that the heights of narcissism?

Yes, we may not have the basic amenities like food, clean water or housing, but we are extremely proud because we can see umpteen statues of our ‘leaders’!!!! And this coming from one of India’s most backward states – backward in every possible form! Backward in development, education, women’s safety, but yes, I am sure that Dalits must be extremely proud of Mayawati’s statues! Wouldn’t any community prefer that their leaders spend money on developmental activities instead of statues of themselves?

Dr B R Ambedkar , on whose name, she wants to piggyback into fame, must be cursing his fate to be clubbed along with Mayawati! I am sure, had he been alive, he would have condemned this mindless statue building spree!

PS : I have been out of the blogosphere for the last 3 days. Will respond to all the comments on my previous posts and read all your posts as well – in the next few days.