When I go walking..

One of my favourite bits of living in the UK, has to be the ease of walking here. One of the few things that I missed when I was in India.

In India, of course, even the weather makes it difficult to walk as much as I do here. Of course, that wouldn’t deter serious walkers, but people like me, who just need an excuse to laze around instead, will grab it. The excuse, that is.

One of the things I started right away was walking. Of course, I can find excuses/reasons for not walking, and I did that too, but I do walk. Sometimes, it is just 10 mins, sometimes, I skip it altogether, but when I do walk, I love it.

Today, I went on a rather long walk. I haven’t been walking in the last few days. I had a horrible attack of hay fever, and I get a never-ending streaming nose as soon as I am outdoors. Can’t think of a fate worse than that, to be honest. Lovely, gorgeous weather outside and to be forced to be indoors. Not that I stay indoors for too long though. The other day, I spent some time gardening and had to pay heavily for it. I spent the next two days sniffing into tissues. Sigh! There, I went off on a completely different track.

So as I was saying, this morning. I was feeling slightly better, and I had a birthday present to buy. ToysRUs is just a mile away from daughter’s school. What better than combining my walk with the work? I found the route on the map, Google Maps, of course. RM’s warning rang in my head, but then, Google Maps have always been very reliable for me:)

The place was about a mile from where I was, and according to the map, it would take me 23 minutes to get there. Not bad, I thought. Gives me some exercise, and I get there in decent enough time. Off I went. The walking directions were clear and easy. The walk was wonderful. A nice and warm morning. I passed some lovely neighbourhoods. One of the roads was called Bronte Farm Road. Cute, isn’t it? My imagination goes wild when I come across names like these.

Suddenly, I realized that I was on a road, that was supposed to be a dead-end. Or not? Because the sign looked like it had seen better days, and looked like the dead-end sign was scratched out. And according to Google Maps, I had to keep going. I was in two minds. Then decided to take a chance. At max, I would reach a dead-end and would have to turn back. At worst, I would have to call for a taxi. So I plodded on.

It was looking more and more like a dead-end. No sign of traffic and an extremely peaceful road. I finally reached the end, and was just about to call the taxi, when I noticed a little walkway, between two houses. There was a way indeed!!! A cute little pathway, connecting this part of the road to another. Have I told you how I love finding these little hidden walkways? Every time I come across one of them, connecting two roads for pedestrians, it still feels just as magical as it when I first came across one.


I have to say, Google Maps did redeem my faith in it 🙂

And for the record, I covered the distance in 17 minutes instead of 23. That made me even happier:)