Lets chat about chaats? Post 22

I ran out of post ideas today. Started two posts and abandoned them. Sigh!

NaBloPoMo prompts are not all that appetizing either. The only thing that looks remotely appetizing is the thought of food. Some yummy, yummy chaat, which I have to make myself. Tough life 😦

I wish we could find one restaurant here which serves good chaats, have the time the sad excuses for a chaat make me repent the decision to eat out. I make better chaat than them, and that is something, because as you guys know, cooking and me are far, far apart. My friends however, make the best, tastiest dishes. One of them once made a delicious chaat with potato waffles, chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies and chaat masala. It was so simple, and yet so delicious. All she did was toss it all together, and  it was ready. The most mouthwateringly delicious dish! I am drooling at the mere thought of it.

Another friend tossed up a chaat with similar ingredients, and everything else he could lay his hands on. It was, needless to say, delicious! We were on holiday, and I think that was the most satisfying meal during that holiday.

I grew up in a little town in eastern India. The golgappas and papdi chaats that we got there, was mindblowing. I still do not get that taste anywhere. It was only when I moved away for studies that I realized how wonderful they tasted. And also how tastes that we grow up with last us a lifetime. Some of the tastes that husband loves, I find flat, or boring, and he can’t understand what I like in some dishes. Also the addition of one little ingredient can kill the taste for some, while without that same ingredient, another set of people might hate the dish!

I had blogged about how I love fermented idlis and dosas. I just cannot eat unfermented idlis and dosas. On a side note, I have finally mastered the art of fermenting it. I found the right place to keep the batter in order to maintain the temperature to ferment the batter – perfectly! So as I was saying, I hate unfermented idlis and dosas. We know someone who hates fermented idlis and dosas – absolutely hates it! All a matter of taste, isn’t it? Husband hates orange and lemon cakes, while I love them!

So what is your idea of a perfect chaat? Do you like it hot and tangy or sweet and sour? Or do you like a good bhelpuri or is it the golgappas that you lust after? All I know for sure is, that I need to do some chopping and tossing now, if I need to get any work done. I have to eat some chaat, NOW!

Do you..

forget that you bought something and remember just before it is about to near it’s expiry? No? Well, I wish I could say the same. It happens to me all the time 😦

Yesterday, I ‘discovered’ a packet of ready-to-roll puff pastry that I bought last week, after getting impressed by the custard tarts that my friend dished out. They were absolutely delicious. She, of course, made even the pastry from scratch. I decided to go the easy way – I picked up a packet of ready to roll puff pastry and then forgot all about it. Until yesterday. Thank god for that, because it was one day away from expiry.

The custard tarts were out of question – too much work and only the egg yolks were needed to be used in the recipe, which meant that I would have to use the whites in some other recipes – as I said, too much work. So I decided to go the easy way.

1. Home-made bite-sized pizzas – made by daughter.

And this is how they turned out 🙂

2. Chocolate croissants or chocolate parcels whatever you want to call it – just because we felt like it 🙂

3. Vegetable puffs- just to bring back memories of all those bakeries in Bangalore 🙂 Although I have to say, they tasted nothing like I would have liked them to 😦

And after all that buttery, flaky pastry, I need to go on drastic diet!

Yummy-Tummy Weekend

Last weekend was a treat for my taste buds!

Last Thursday, a friend brought over a bowl of freshly prepared dosa batter. I had given up on home-made dosas after all my experimentation.  So it was with a lot of trepidation that I kept her batter for fermentation. For the uninformed, my dosa batter just refuses to ferment. I have tried everything, including the tips that you guys gave me in this post. So I had given up on dosas altogether. This time, turns out, the dosa gods were rather benevolent. The batter fermented beautifully!

We had a lovely feast on Saturday morning. It was delicious! Before we could digest it, we had a birthday party of husband’s colleague to attend to.  It was a lunch buffet at a lovely restaurant, which has this wonderful spread of starters! I could fill myself up on just the starters, when I spotted the huge selection of deserts! Cakes, puddings and even fruit pieces that could be dunked in chocolate at the chocolate fountain! In short , my food heaven!  I could stay there and hog forever, if we were not kicked out at 2:30 – the restaurant closes at 2:30.. I am just waiting to get back there. I am also trying to convince my husband on the need for a chocolate fountain at home. What fun that would be! Chocolate at the ready – anytime I want it ! Guess, I will also need a whole new wardrobe to go with my chocolate fountain too.

Saturday ended, with me vowing, not to eat anything heavy again, when another dear friend, dropped in with her delicious Chicken Biryani! Now, for some reason, I never get to eat good chicken biryani here. Every time I try  it at restaurants here, I just end up disappointed.  So last time we went to London, I actually did a takeaway to enjoy at home. My friend, the dear thing that she is,  knew about this and she brought over some, because she knew how much I liked it. Needless to say, I forgot all about my vow and ate it all up.

The best part of the weekend was, that I ended up eating all this delicious food and none of it, made by me, I guess that must have made it even more tasty! We ended the weekend with a pizza, made by daughter. Leaving you with  pictures of the little chef preparing her pizza.

Sprinkling the sweetcorn.

And the all important cheese!


PS: I think I have finally figured out how to get my dosa batter ferment. I tried using Sona Masuri rice (instead of Basmati)  and it worked last night! Keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard to the Dosa god 🙂

Allergy, allergy go away….

If snails make daughter happy, food is what makes husband happy..He loves food and he loves eating out.. And most of all , he loves sweets. Sadly, he has not been feeling very great after all the eating for some time now.

For the last few weeks, we had been doing some self diagnosis to figure out a bloated tummy that has been troubling husband for the last few months….

We , the faithful followers of technology, turned to our god, the internet, to find some answers..  Going to doctors, seems to have become very old fashioned, especially in my home.. why go to the doc when you’ve got Google Maharaj around?

The problem according to the internet, or google, to be more exact, was that my husband had wheat intolerance probably gluten intolerance! Almost every symptom seemed to match! Now, husband, is quite fond of rice, which was a relief  – as we would have been in deep trouble, having to find a non wheat alternatives to rotis.

So we decided to test it out with careful elimination tests. For a whole week, husband had nothing to do with wheat. The breakfast Weetabix was replaced with plain ordinary cornflakes. No rotis, he started taking lunch to work as he would have had to rely on sandwiches or pasta at work otherwise.. And rice at dinner time too! And he started to feel much better!

So we patted ourselves on the back and decided to continue with this diet and planning for that doctor’s appointment to confirm our diagnosis – but for some reason or the other, this appointment just got pushed away and away and away.. He would have wheat only on the weekends at his favourite Indian restaurant – and predictably all the symptoms came right back!

Then we went on our Lake District holiday , where husband decided to try having gluten free food there as well.. Sadly, that did not work out.. There weren’t many options and with the fact that he is a very occasional non-vegetarian.. his options were seriously limited. So smart man that he is, despite all my protestations, decided to survive on namkeens(wheat free of course), bananas and ice creams! Apparently this diet is better than eating wheat based sandwiches! Men and their logic! By the time we got back, his stomach was in bad shape.. And he finally, took himself to the doctor!

The doctor said that he did not feel that he had wheat intolerance at all! – but he still recommended a test to confirm.

The test finally came back negative too.. And we were just so puzzled.. What was causing all his symptoms?? Well, last weekend,  I,  turned detective and figured it all out.. He had ‘over eating intolerance’! He had these symptoms every time he overate! He was probably eating just right, when he was on the rice diet.. and for some reason with rotis – he was over eating without even realising it ! We still have to test out my theory – but I am quite sure that I have indeed, hit upon the real culprit!

PS: Plan to continue my experiments with my guinea pig this evening – making gajar ka halwa, his favourite, to see if my theory holds true 🙂