‘I wonder if we made the right decision in moving back to India’, said somebody I had just met at my apartment complex.

The place we live in is full of people like us who have lived transitory lives, and there are quite a few who have relocated at the same time as us. So its really nice, in so many ways, having friends who are in the same phase of life, facing similar challenges and situations. The icing on the cake was the fact that daughter even has classmates who joined at the same time as she did. So it really has been great, mostly.

So when some one expresses regret(not one of my friends but someone else who has just relocated), I can’t help but thank my luck. Thankfully, we regret is the last thing on our minds. The only thing we really want is for husband to join us soon, everything else can be managed fine. As for the actual problems, yes, there are problems, there are things which are different. I could wish the traffic were more orderly, for instance, but if it affects me only if I let it affect me. I do get frustrated at times, but that is something I am sure would happen in similar situations anywhere. Some things are intrinsic to being in India, but then, I can’t expect every place to be exactly the same, can I?

So do I regret? Most certainly not. Things like being close to my parents, finally being able to share my childhood memories with daughter(more on that in another post) all makes our life so much more richer. I can’t even complain of not having enough books anymore. I’ve learnt to schedule my library pickups really well. That, my apartment library and flipkart are enough to keep me happy, very happy.

Daughter is busy once again with activities, which are all based out of our apartment complex, so that makes life slightly easier for me.

Regrets? Certainly, not for me, at least not at the moment. And let’s hope that it stays that way.